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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Summer is a lot of people’s favourite time of the year, for the heat of the sun and the general happiness of others is as intoxicating as any fine wine. Sadly though, seasons change and the good weather falls away into autumn and then into the cold of winter. To help add some heat and joy back into your lives, Endless Summer from Merkur is on hand to deliver 5 reels of sunshine no matter the time of year.

Merkur, while known for covering a wide array of themes, isn’t known for turning out the best set of graphics, and so this interface is no different – it’s acceptable, but hardly summer inducing. That being said, the sandy background and the surfer helps us feel like donning our trunks and bikinis, as foolish as that may be if it’s winter outside of your door.

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A Friendly Fee

The cost of playing with Merkur is usually on the low side, making them cheap but cheerful real cash slots to immerse yourselves in; Endless Summer is no exception to this general rule of thumb. You can start the ball rolling with a stake of just 0.10, and that covers all 5 of the winlines. However, with such a friendly fee put into action, don’t expect the rewards to be large in size, for they’ll never go beyond the realms of 90 credits. That’s a larger base payout than Dragons Treasure 2, but it’s still not awe inspiring.

If the high roller inside you is screaming out for more, you have to flash that cash and increase your bet to the top end of the scale, all the way to 20 credits. That isn’t a large amount of money in truth, but to some it’ll still be way too high a punt for a slot of this calibre. Maybe the 18,000 credit reward of the maximum bet play will change your mind…

Steep Volatility

Another factor that diminishes the enjoyability of Endless Summer is the high level of difficulty it presents it gamers; Merkur isn’t one to avoid a challenge, but this seems to be unjustly high. Like wading through syrup. We’re not saying the wins won’t come because they obviously will, they always do, but we suspect that if you took a closer look at the RTP rate of the game it would be much lower than most.

Add to that that the gamble options seem even more taxing than the base level, and you have a game that is going to disappointment more times than it pleases you, which can never been a good sign.

Soar like an Eagle

What an eagle is doing in a summer based slot is anyone’s guess, more than likely to suggest that this is about American summer vacations rather than universal ones. No matter though, for what the questionable icon brings is 15 extra spins for you to savour. All you have to do is find three of a kind on one of the fixed winlines, and the reels will start rolling for free.

Furthermore, wins of cash will also be awarded to those that find between three and five of a kind, with the most you can ever get from this tile being a staggering 10,000 credits. That more than makes up for the tedious nature of the activity we’ve had to endure up until now.

Summer of ‘69

Just like Bryan Adams, we’ll be reminiscing about this game for years to come, but it might not be in the wistful way he does when singing about that long summer; Endless Summer isn’t a well thought out slot machine. It lacks impact and the variance is so low it makes us question the point in playing, especially when the high money prizes are only available to maximum bet players. We don’t want something for nothing, but the challenge you have to overcome here is just too much.