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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you loved the original and are hankering for just a bit more magic in your life then take a look at Hocus Pocus Deluxe, the online video slot from developer Merkur.

Reviving the much-love wizard and his magic tools and symbols you could be greatly entertained while playing the reels for instant prizes.

But will you find that too many spells ruin the broth? Here’s a closer look at Hocus Pocus Deluxe from Merkur with all the essential facts you need.

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Follow up on a Classic

When a game is so popular there’s a clamour for a follow-up, there’s a great expectation on the developer to come up with something that’s just as good.

And with Hocus Pocus Deluxe, it’s fair to say that Merkur have done a great job in delivering this, primarily because very little has changed!

If you’ve played the original Hocus Pocus, you might find yourself rubbing your eyes and wondering which game you’re looking at; they really are very similar indeed. And in fact, the only change you’ll see is the number of paylines which has been doubled to 40. All of the other features that worked so well have been retained, along with the slick graphics.

What this means is that for newbies who have never played the original, this will be a brand new game which is likely to be well received. And for those for enjoyed the first instalment, there’s now the chance to play on even more paylines!

Introducing the Wizard

In Hocus Pocus, there’s a grand old wizard which presides over the game and once again you’ll get to meet the supreme being as he observes proceedings.

In the paytable, the magical man takes centre stage fixing his wise eyes upon you and bestowing a gentle smile as the symbols spread out all around him. Expect to find a wand, spell book, wizard’s hat, crystal ball as well as hands incanting a spell as you play on the reels for cash prizes.

The background to the game is unchanged too and you’ll find the entire slot is based in the centre of a magical forest. Swirling with mist and with the branches and trunks of the trees silhouetted in sepia tones, there’s an undeniable feel that you’re in the presence of something truly mystical…

Play to Win

For those who haven’t played Hocus Pocus before, it’s worth recapping the basics. Other than the payline, these remain unchanged from the original so for many will be a welcome return.

There’s the same five reels with the symbols you may have played with before but this time rather than just 20 paylines, you’ll have 40 to play on. The same minimum bet of a penny per payline applies, adding up to a minimum play of 0.40. However the top limit hasn’t increased, leaving the max bet as 20.00.

The only other thing that’s changed is the prizes on offer. With more paylines offering greater chances of a win, if you land five symbols you won’t get such a high prize. All of the payouts are worth approximately 50% of the wins in the base game.

The extras are still in place, so there’s both a wild and a scatter waiting to be won, with the latter awarding six free spins.

And just like many other Merkur games, the all important Gamble feature remains intact too, providing the chance of boosting the prize without having to fork out any more credits. In this slot you’ll have the option of two different gambles so if you decide to go for it, there’s the choice between a card gamble and a ladder gamble. Both offer big prizes but also the potential to lose it all, which one you pick is up to you….

The volatility of the Deluxe is the same as the original (medium) but the theoretical RTP is slightly improved at 97.47% compared to 95.53% previously.

Wave Your Wand

Hocus Pocus Deluxe is an online video slot which follows hot in the heels of the original created by Merkur. With the same magical theme which proved so popular before, there’s now double the number of paylines which ups the chances of a win. Once again there’s a simple structure and with an improved RTP, there’s no reason why everyone from novices right up to experienced players shouldn’t enjoy this.