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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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When you think of Germany, you really don’t think of online casino gaming. It certainly hasn’t been a major market in recent years, but it does look like there is an industry name out there looking to change that. Merkur has really been putting pedal to the metal as of late, churning out games at a lightning fast rate.

The latest game to come flying off the Merkur production is Illuminati. Built around the mystery of an untold and often mysterious secret society, Merkur has designed Illuminati with the intention of it being a game that really does live long in the memory.

We’ve become big fans of Merkur these days, as the work they’ve put into recent games is clear for all to see. So, does Illuminati help improve the reputation of the age-old German name? The following delivers the low-down on this developer’s latest creation!

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An All-Seeing, All-Being User Interface

Merkur probably aren’t’ too well known for the game design efforts that they put forward, but you do have to say hats off to them for trying. Illuminati isn’t spectacular in its visuals, but it does have a few nice touches. The production values are reasonably high, with all on screen graphics having a smooth look to them. The actual theme of Illuminati looks at several of the world’s well-known wonders. This is probably not the most original slot game theme around, but it does the job in our eyes.

Looking at what spins around and around on the reels of Illuminati, it’s a selection of symbols that tie into the general theme of the game. Illuminati makes use of a big red hooded cloak, a red wax seal, scholarly scrolls, globes, and the infamous Eye of Providence triangle symbol. These are considered elements that will prop up a new world order, hence why they feature as a part of this game. In terms of sheer value, there is one more symbol worth mentioning, as the pyramid/all-seeing eye icon is the wild, but more on that later.

Dipping into the Unknown

If you’ve booted up Illuminati expecting to snap up some easy wins, we have some bad news for you. This game is medium to high in variance and presents a hefty challenge as a result. Adding to the slow cash return (with the RTP being 96.11%) is the fact that players only have 5 fixed paylines to work with.

The maximum bet within Illuminati is 20.00, with the minimum bet being 0.05, so while the game is a challenge in general, it can certainly be considered budget friendly.

From the Top of the Pyramid Down

Helping move the game along are some enjoyable bonuses. The wild mentioned earlier leads the way, with it aiding the player in securing some bumper payouts. What actually surprised us what the lack of free spins in this game, as there are no scatters to be found here at all.

While the free spins are missing, there is another feature included that makes up for it. We are suckers for something that airs on the side of classic, so the gamble feature here certainly brought a smile to our faces. Offering up a straight 50/50 shot at glory, this mini-game delivers some quick fix payouts if you fancy taking on the additional risk.

Deciphering the Code

Merkur doesn’t like to veer away from what it feels works, with this being pretty evident within the controls here. The classic silver interface is back and visually we can’t say we’re all that happy to see it. The actual controls within Illuminati are the usual basic affair, as the game can be controlled through two or three simple button taps.

Bask in the Mystery of Illuminati!

Anyone who has followed our reviews will be well aware of the fact that we are fans of the progress that Merkur have made as of late. This progress (at least to a certain extent) shines through in Illuminati, as the game really has plenty of interesting features to boast. Admittedly, the game isn’t perfect, but the gameplay, the visuals, and the controls are all above average in execution.

There are countless duds floating around the world of real money slots right now, so if you are on the hunt for something fun to play, we certainly think that Illuminati is worth checking out!