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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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A jester was historically an entertainer during the medieval and Renaissance eras, and would usually be a member of the household of a nobleman employed to entertain him and his guests. They’re thought to have worn brightly coloured clothes and eccentric hats in a motley pattern, and would generally perform a variety of skills, such as singing, intstrument playing and storytelling. The game of Jolly’s Cap, created and developed by Merkur, is based around the life of a court jester, and takes you right into the thick of the entertainment. The graphics are hand drawn in this product and take on a wildly cartoon-like effect, while animations far exceed those provided in many other Merkur products. While many of their products also tend to contain decidedly arcade-like pieces of music, with every spin of the reels in Jolly’s Cap, you receive a ditty that’s exceptionally fitting, providing tunes that a jester might just dance along to.

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Sing for the King and Queen!

The slot game provides players with five reels and three rows as an interface, and these reels are filled with various different icons relating to its theme. So, of course, there is the jolly jester symbol, with the character grinning and wide-eyed. There’s also icons of both the King and Queen, with the former appearing all mad and menacing, and the latter drawn in such a way that seems pleasant and welcoming. Furthermore, a white horse icon has been added to the reels, as has a graceful looking bird of prey. All in all, it provides a regal and royal outlook on the gaming front.

In addition to the reels, Merkur have also added 10 separate pay lines to wager on, all of which are fixed in place and unable to be customised. The only part of the game that players are able to change is the amount of funds they bet in each spin. This starts from the minimum level of $0.10 and can be increased up to $20 as a maximum overall wager. There’s a ‘Max Bet’ button included, as well as an ‘Auto Start’ feature, which will set the reels of spinning to a maximum of 100 times at the same bet level.

Don’t be a Fool, Check Out the Special Features of Jolly’s Cap

Anyone accessing the game will be privy to a couple of additional special features, which start with the icon of Jolly himself. This is the wild symbol, and will substitute for all others on the reels in order to craft a winning combination. The only one that it won’t stand in for is the scatter symbol. Should five of these appear on a pay line, you’ll be the recipient of 4,000 coins.

Speaking of the scatter icon, this is represented by the jester’s cap, and not only is it a standard scatter icon, but it also has wild capabilities alongside. Should it make an appearance, it will substitute for all symbols on the reels, just like the standard wild, but will also transform up to two other icons on the reels into wilds as well.

A standard feature of just about all Merkur Gaming’s products is the addition of the gamble option. This is triggered after each winning combination created that provides a pay out of less then $140. This gives you the option of either collecting your funds as they are, or playing one of two different games to try and increase your winnings. Choosing to gamble will offer you up the ‘Ladder Gamble’ game and the ‘Card Gamble’ game.

If you choose to play the first one of these, you’ll be presented with a ladder of different amounts. A flashing light will pass between a value higher than your current winnings, and a vale lower. You need to stop the light when it’s on the higher value, and you can do this a number of times to try and reach the maximum pay out of $140. The card option presents you with a deck of playing cards. It’s your job to guess what the colour of the next one turned over will be, red or black.