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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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As regular gamers, we often associate specific brands with a certain type of format and aesthetic, a means of easily identifying labels we appreciate and those we don’t. However, sometimes reading the ‘signs’ can be tricky, especially when playing with brands like Merkur. Take their King’s Tower real cash slot, this 3-reels title looks and plays differently from Liberty Bells, another slot from them.

This compact set of 5 winlines has a high definition, computerised aesthetic, likened to that of Pixar or Dreamworks. What is more, it has an innocence about it that’s actively conveyed through the design – this is an inviting atmosphere in which to play. That being said, obvious markers (below the surface) reveal this to be very much old school Merkur; bringing free games and bonuses, as well as gamble options.

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Building Blocks

Describing the design of the theme is a tad difficult, but the best way of narrowing it down is to compare it to the graphics you may have seen in a DS Legend of Zelda game; it’s blocky yet refined, crude but polished. That decision to go for chunky features has turned this into the ideal modern slot machine: flashy design but true to its core with conventional gameplay.

Merkur have kept the background of the title simple, yet have managed to establish a sense of grounding; as gamers we appreciate we’re in a faraway kingdom, the landscape barren except for the sturdy tower in the center. That structure is the King’s Tower, and it holds all eight of the paytable symbols inside it.

Storming the Tower

No matter how you cut it, this tower needs to be stormed in order to get the treasure inside, and that means taking it by force, with or without the King’s approval. For any form of assault to begin, you’ll need to create a payline of three bonus symbols, clearly identifiable due to its bright blue tower design.

Once you’ve made that connection, the 12 free games will start rolling the reels, with one of the columns becoming wild for the duration of the round. This is a rather simplistic bonus round, choosing to combine two into one, which in turn reduces the level of variance available here.

Those accustomed to more diverse activities will feel the sharp decline of enjoyment due to this lack of variety, but for those only used to playing vintage slots of 3 reels and no features, King’s Tower will feel a novelty.

Highly Defensive

All fortresses have a certain level of defence in place to ward off danger, but the levels you’re dealing with here are quite high; Merkur hasn’t changed up their tactics when it comes to volatility. This game is as challenging as ever, but it can be made more so if you wish to by lowering the number of active paylines.

King’s Tower begins with just 5 lines, but that can be decreased to 1, producing a slot machine like the days of ol’. A trip down memory lane it may be, but be sure you’re ready to withstand this tower’s defence mechanisms, as you could end up spending a lot of coin before ever making even a low-end win.

Affordability for All Subjects

Those living under the King’s rule will notice that, while he can be stubborn and unmoving at times, he can also be generous – like with the betting range. Users can start playing with a simple punt of 0.05 credits, with the capping off point no more than 20 credits; it’s one of Merkur’s most affordable titles.

What is more, that cheap and cheerful pay-in allows a lot more players to experience the top-level payouts, where the wins reach as high as 3,000 credits.

Stood for All Time

King’s Tower will stand firm in the face of oncoming competition for years to come, by our estimate at least. The gameplay may be basic, but the aesthetic is joyful, and the rewards are just enough to keep your interests peaked as you play.