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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Having sampled a wide array of delights from the Merkur brand, and discovered that they offer both modern and retro slot machines, Liberty Bells has been created to bring those of a purist deposition another entertainment outlet.

The 5 reels and 5 fixed winlines deliver a small experience that is a lot more challenging than others from the brand, and yet the paytable is a lot more varied than seen in Metamorphosis. What is more, here you’ll experience slightly more variance than that seen in their contemporary titles; they’ve done away with the quirky designs but brought it home with the features.

But can an old dog, aka Merkur, really learn any new tricks, and if it can, will it be enough to win us over? We’ve played with the brand for many years now, but it’s hard to ignore how much they keep to traditions and leave innovation to other gaming companies. If this is going to be much of the same, dare we ask what the point of playing is… ?

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Turning Coppers into Gold

Every slot machine you come across performs a magic trick, we’re just not looking closely enough to see it. Take Liberty Bells for example, it takes your 0.05 credits and turns it into potential returns of up to 50. And even if you should bet the highest amount of money possible, 20 credits, you can still get the copper into gold experience because the max win becomes 10,000.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to proceed at this point, only that you know where to set the wheels in motion to get started; the control panel is tucked away under the grid. You can’t miss it because it’s presented separately from the rest of the game, no doubt to ensure you can navigate it with ease and efficiently.

Ring That Bell

The bell symbol is the key to the free games, 15 of them to be exact, and with it they bring a tasty multiplier of x3. As far as Merkur games go, this is a rather exciting outcome. There are some slot machines out there that reward more handsomely than this one, but there’s just as many that barely batter an eyelid at your wins.

Although we obviously enjoy seeing a feature included, one like this doesn’t exactly leave much room for further exploration – we see what we’re getting and then it’s done with. No curiosity to be found. What this means is that we get bored faster, and usually turn off after a couple of tries, which doesn’t sound all that fun to us. We demand to be stimulated and enthralled when playing a slot machine!

Such a Joker

Instead of referring to the wild symbol as just that, a wild, Liberty Bells calls the icon a joker. Although confusing to those not experienced with slot machines, the result is still the same: the wild sacrifices itself in an attempt to make a winning line for you.

This joker, however, goes one step further and doubles your prize. Consider it an extra well done for having overcome the steep odds of the game and made it through the other side with a win to your name.

Crying out for More

When you play Liberty Bells, you get a niche experience to say the least; instead of intensity you get relaxation, not to mention that the interface you play upon is generic and flat. You basically have nothing to ignite your passion or curiosity. Consequently, you’re left in need of further games to sate your appetite, and sadly that level of satisfaction won’t come from the winlines of this slot machine.

Merkur have tried to deliver something new (we think), but they’ve instead made yet another classic slot to add to their long list. It wouldn’t be so bad if they introduced new characteristics, but all they seem to do is reuse old materials; it feels a little insulting to its players.

If you want to play every Merkur game around, then you can’t exactly miss this one out, but if you can avoid it and move onto something else, we’d say that’s the best course of action.