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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Spooky goings on are often presented to us in halloween format, with ghouls and goblins clinging to every winline of the matrix as we spin our way to victory, but not Loa Spirits. In these 5 reels, a more subtle yet strangely eerie approach is taken, and the results are quite astounding. There’s a native element to the design that brings the real cash slot to life, adding to the tense atmospheric environment of the forest depicted behind the grid.

If we didn’t know it, we wouldn’t have said that this is a Merkur game, such is the contrast in design to some of their earlier titles. However, that sense of disbelief soon falls away when we get down to the mechanics of the gameplay and its fluidity; it’s so obviously from the brand.

Promising free games and multipliers, as well as a couple of ways to increase your winnings after each combination, is there more we could ask of Loa Spirits?

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Contacting the Dead

The Loa Spirits logo is your way to trigger the bonus round, which happens to be a standard set of free games; a x2 multiplier is applied here, but that’s quite normal for Merkur. All gamers will need between two and five symbols for the level to activate, and the number of rounds awarded to you is very much dependent on the combination you manage to create. A five of a kind win is what you’ll all want, for that’ll get you 50 extra spins, but even the lowly two of a kind grants you six games.

We especially like how Loa Spirits gives back more for less matches, as the difficulty with Merkur is known for being volatile and cruel. You might think reaching the 50 spins is improbable, but on our first attempt we landed all five symbols; pure luck or a generous RTP? You decide.

Summoning Circle

You can scare up more wins when you try the double or nothing options provided, or as Loa Spirits refers to them: the gamble features. They take on their staple appearance of a card and ladder game, but that doesn’t take away from the additional fun they can bring to the reels.

After a win, you’ll be shown three new buttons beneath the grid: a card gamble, collect, and a ladder gamble. The former and latter symbols depict the round of double or nothing you select, while the collect it widget allows you to bypass the rounds if you wish. You can still leave without harming your funds, even if you selected a gamble mini level; not to mention you can play with half your winnings if you’re not so confident in your good fortune.

Bigger and Better

The range of movement in Loa Spirits is unexpected from the company, for they usually create slots that have between 5 and 10 winlines, usually fixed into place. Yet here they’ve allowed you to choose from as little as 10 lines all the way to 50. This in turn allows for greater influence over the dynamics of the game, and enables you to make the slot feel better suited to your ability.

For those not used to playing slot machines, we’d suggest keeping the number of winlines at the maximum amount, to give you the most chances of success. However, should you like a challenge, then why not reduce that figure down to 10 and give it your all?

Always with You

Loa Spirits will stay with you long after the game has ended, mainly because of how different it feels to the other titles Merkur have developed. Here you have a quirky and supernatural interface to engage with, and one that moves away from corny bumps in the night and to something a lot more tangible and authentic. There might not be much substance here, but the way it’s been executed can’t be faulted.