Magic Mirror Deluxe Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Fairy tales are so often deemed as stories only enjoyable to children, and yet the worlds explored and the subjects covered are more than relatable to adults. That’s probably part of the reason why Magic Mirror Deluxe was created, to show players that people of all ages can find relevance in mythical lands… And the fact that it’s the second instalment to the Magic Mirror franchise.

In this particular Merkur game you have the conventional 5-reels, but with 10 winlines, all of which are fixed into place, a trait the brand prefer. What is more, you have a low pay-in starting point, allowing for accessibility and convenience for players on any budget. The features are limited to say the least, but the wins that can come from them make up for the lack of variance.

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Tale as Old as Time

Anyone who bothers to look at the 3×5 grid will notice that this is an old game by today’s standards; the looks say it loud and clear, but so too does the level of involvement created by the interface. This was made in a time when it was less about wowing gamers and more about providing them with clean, quick and simple fun.

Despite its age, the imagery is animated and of a fairly decent quality, if not high definition, and a lot of the symbols are exclusive to the title. Even the card value tiles have been designed to look as medieval as the rest of the game’s design.

An Attractive Reflection

The mirror symbol is the scatter and wild rolled into one, which means it can move about the remaining icons, as well as trigger the extra games. In Magic Mirror Deluxe the number of spins is limited to 10 rounds, of which a special icon will be chosen. During the playthrough of the feature level, extra symbols will be added into the mix in a bid to up the ante and your funds.

This is the only means of moving away from the traditional reels and experiencing another side to the slot, and so make sure to make the most of it when it appears, or should we say if it appears. It’s no secret that unlocking Merkur specials are taxing.

A Rich Kingdom

What Magic Mirror Deluxe lacks in features it makes up for in monetary gain. A lot of titles from the brand can come in on the low side, offering little more than a couple of thousand credits at the top end. But here you can reach the dizzying heights of 10,000 credits, a rather awesome sum of money.

Of course getting there is a challenge in itself, as you’ll need to have luck on your side, and be able to bet the maximum amount, which happens to be 20 credits. That being said, the chance of getting such a large figure for a small one seems too good an opportunity to pass by. You can set the betting range two ways, either by using the plus and minus buttons found on the right hand side, or by utilising the max bet widget.

Oh, Brave Knight!

Those of you out there that crave more excitement will have your prayers answered with the gambling options provided here. The card and ladder games allow for an additional 140 credits to be made on top of your winnings, an ample fee worthy of a risk every now and again. But remember, there’s just as much of a chance that you’ll lose your winnings altogether, so make sure that your heart is as sturdy as steel before you proceed.

Unlocking Potential

Magic Mirror Deluxe is an obvious improvement on Magic Mirror, but there’s still a long way to go before either of these slot machines live up to the magic of fairy tales. There’s potential, that we can see, particularly in the free games feature, but it’s never truly unleashed and so the title stagnates before its time.