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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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It really feels like Merkur has been around the online casino realm for some time, largely as they have not stopped short in churning out titles. The harsh reality is that not all of Merkur’s games haven been home run hits, as they seem to have found consistency incredibly hard to come by.

For every enjoyable game that flies off the production line, two or three duds tend to come with it. Attempting to put the developer back on the right track, Merkur has now released the odd beast that is Max Slider.

Every single online slots game these days comes with a theme, with that being the nature of the industry in 2016. Merkur has gone in the complete opposite direction with Max Sider, as we simply can’t pinpoint what the theme is here, but does that make it less of a game as a result? The following review tells the whole story!

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A Whole Lot of Nothing

Look at any slot game these days and you’ll find that the theme is the hook. From the jewels of Starburst to the CSI inspired Crime Scene, every game has a theme, with it being a key part of the online casino landscape DNA. So you can imagine our surprise when we booted up Max Slider for the first time, to see that there was no noticeable theme in place.

Instead of the usual showmanship, what players are greeted with is what appears to be a hodgepodge of random graphics. The crazy thing is that the organised chaos of the game and lack of direction actually presents something different. The backdrop of the Max Slider appears to be some kind of wooden board, with the reels being built out of brass pipes.

The symbols in Max Slider carry a little more conformity, but even they are a literal mixed bag of icons, from raspberries to sevens, it’s all here and it’s all thrown into play.

Nothing You Haven’t Seen Before

Gameplay wise, you would be hard pressed to find any other slot games that are as basic in premise as this. The game features 5 reels and 10 paylines, a 96.00% RTP, and medium volatility, with this setup being fairly rigid to boot.

While we are fans of simplicity, sometimes it leaves us feeling a little short changed, which exactly the case within Max Slider. It goes from the chaos to overbearing conformity at the blink of eye, so thrills are pretty hard to come by.

Venturing Way off Course

Did you load up Max Slider expecting a bonus bonanza? Well, get ready to be let down, as there is pretty nothing on the bonus front to speak of here. No wilds, no free spins, this game is pretty much lacking when it comes to extras. The only real “bonus” elements we could see were the jackpot charge bar and the gamble option, but that really is it.

Much like other casino slots fans, we understand the need for traditional games to stay loyal to the old ways of game development, but to not have a wild or scatter symbol is borderline lazy.

Put Your Best Slots Spinning Finger Forward

Something that we can praise about Max Slider is the control system, as even a first time slots player could get his or her head around what’s here. You tweak your wager using the coin in the bottom right hand side of the screen, while the displays are placed front and centre. They’ve even thrown in a “Max Bet” button for good measure, which means two-tap play is a possibility.

Sliding into the Slots Action of Max Slider!

When you approach a game with a blank canvas, a developer should have free reign to create something completely unique. But while Max Slider is unique, it doesn’t really impress. In fact, in some areas this game falls drastically short of an average gambling experience. The lack of bonus features weighs this game down for starters, while the rigid gameplay certainly doesn’t help matters.

We wouldn’t throw Max Slider into the “one to avoid” category, as it ticks the box for a classic slots game, but anyone on the hunt for anything other than the most basic of slots experience best look elsewhere.