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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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A transformation is about to begin when you play the 5-reels of Metamorphosis, an insect inspired real cash slot that comes to you from the creatives over at Merkur HQ. The design might look old fashioned and a bit out of place when compared to newer models, but the features found upon those winlines are as pure as any classic slot machine you’ll come across.

In regards to the theme itself, it’s quite an unusual one to see, for so many popular designs are churned out rather than those quirky or niche ones; not that Merkur mind, they’ll try anything once. And so if you’ve exhausted other avenues of interest and found much of the same, you might be in for a pleasant surprise with this title.

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Appropriate Adjustments

It’s not often we rave about the number of winlines to a game, but when it comes to Metamorphosis, we really have to get chatty about the subject. Merkur normally have fixed paylines, meaning that you can’t adjust the settings of the grid to a more comfortable level for your experience and/or budget. Yet this title allows you to change the number played with.

The change is subtle, allowing users to play with either 10 lines or 5, but the fact that it was included is cause for celebration – there’s finally a game from this brand that can be customised. Even just a tiny bit.

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Seeing as this slot is about progressing into adulthood in stages, what better way to execute a special feature than to have it morph into something else; the butterfly symbol provokes change when part of a combination.

Instead of transforming itself, it changes the symbols next to it. A curious decision, but one that helps to prevent the reels from becoming complacent and predictable. These wilds do as you’d expect them to and sub other icons, which means you have even more chances of getting a win. At least in theory, but if you take a look at the RTP rate, it’s only at 96.15%, a figure a lot lower than usually seen.

An Internal Struggle

Also adding to the staple Merkur way is the volatility that Metamorphosis presents; it’s highly difficult to ‘beat’ the game. No doubt this might sound familiar if you’ve read other reviews about the brand in the past, but it’s a point that’s always important to highlight. If you’re inexperienced with slot machines, playing a slot this challenging could really affect how likely you are to try alternative games.

To reduce the volatility, we’d recommend playing with all the winlines; it won’t make a big difference, but it’s better than narrowing down your winlines and limiting your odds even further.

Late Bloomer

The paytable of the game is rather small in comparison to other slots we’ve played; ignoring the butterfly and wild icon, there’s just five tiles in total. Furthermore, the value of that paytable can be questionable unless you’re playing with the top bet – a 20-credit stake.

Suffice to say that Metamorphosis isn’t a high roller of a game, it gives out small pockets of money rather than lavishing you with mountains of gold. For saying the activity can be so difficult to play, we’d have liked to have seen more bang for our buck.

Transformed and Anew

Coming out the other side of a transformation can take a toll on anyone, and it’s likely that this one will take its toll on you; Metamorphosis is a hard game to love. It has few features and a lacklustre interface. What is more, the rewards are hardly worthy of note when you see the other jackpots lined up out there. And even though big wins are often unobtainable, even small ones are tough to find here due to the tedious nature of the gameplay. You’re going to have to really want it to win it, which seems contradictory to the idea of casual gaming.