Palace of Poseidon Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The white hair and long, refined beard of Poseidon has been seen in many an online slot machine, and so you’re probably asking yourselves what makes Palace of Poseidon any different. First off, it’s a Merkur slot, which above all else means that you’re getting an accessible gaming experience. Then secondly, you have a classic slot machine disguised as a contemporary video slot, making it stimulating for both sides of the gaming debate.

Below the water, in the heart of his kingdom, is where you’ll discover wilds that can multiply your winnings, and scatter icons that can hand out free rounds without any charge. However, to get to those sunken chests of treasure, you need to be willing to leave behind your human life and become a merman (or mermaid). Think of this as The Little Mermaid in reverse.

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Open Waters

The freedom to be able to move freely out in the deep blue shouldn’t be taken lightly, for Poseidon can be a stern ruler, eager to keep his eyes on all his subjects. But here you’re allowed to come and go as you choose, and that means being able to alter the number of winlines available.

This is a novelty for a Merkur game, so any slots you come across that follow this pattern, becomes a must play experience due to this feature alone; the brand is renowned for fixed paylines. Here, gamers can start off with 1 winline, giving themselves an extremely difficult experience, or they can increase to the full 10 and simply suffer the high volatility associated with Merkur. However you play this real cash slot, make sure to savour being able to adapt at will.

The Mighty Trident

As the mightiest being of these waters, it goes without saying that Poseidon and his legendary trident are the wild of the slot; their combo adds a certain spark to the reels. You get the benefits of winning money for wins of between two and five matches, but also of having your cash prize doubled.

To experience that doubled up feeling, you’ll need to make sure that your wild isn’t just part of a winning formation, but that it’s substituting another icon when it appears. Only then will all parameters of the feature will be met, and you can relish the sweet smell of victory.

If we’re totally honest, the feature has been seen in dozens of Merkur slot machines, and so there’s nothing original to be found here. What is more, the variety is basic at best, but at least you have something to work towards rather than a payout of coins.

Behold, an Underwater Kingdom

Seeing Poseidon’s castle is a bit like seeing the Disney castle for the first time – it holds a lot of wonder, and much excitement, should you correctly unlock its potential.

You need at least three or more of the same symbol to get your extra games. No matter how many of a kind you capture in your waters, the result will always be 15 rounds, a considerable if not overwhelming offering from the developers. But wait, we almost forgot the best part: every time you win, a x4 multiplier is applied! Now even a lowly sum of 0.30 will feel much more in-keeping with the regality of this game.

Slippery Eel

This title is as slippery as they come, for it lacks much in the way of impact, and yet it instills a sense of joy within us that we can’t deny nor shake off; Palace of Poseidon wins you over. The combination of the underwater theme, mixed in with varying cash prizes, and two special symbols, makes this a low variance game with a kick. True, you may be able to find more zealous interfaces, but none will have the quiet dignity that you can find here.

We stand with Poseidon on this one, and we intend to for many years to come.