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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Nobody can say no to a good puzzle; it gets the cogs turning, your brain springing into action to try and make sense out of chaos. Although you don’t necessarily have an active hand it forming the winning connections, Pipeliner is a puzzle inspired real cash slot machine with big personality.

Rather than a grid before you, gamers have a machine consisting of several pipes; their job is to make the entry points connect with the exit points. A simple request, but one that doesn’t always go to plan. Along the way the pipes can suck in some multipliers, and even a wild symbol.

This might be a 5-reels game, but its looks are extraordinary. So much so that, for a moment, you can forget what you need to do. Stick with us, we’ll make sure your first day goes smoothly.

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Six Entries, Five Exits

Making a winning line in Pipeliner is likely easier than some slots you’ve come across, for it has 174 ways to play rather than generic paylines. That being said, there’s still a great amount of challenge before those who play for real, and to some extent those that are in it for the fun. The reason being is down to the pipes.

Even though there’s 5-reels, there’s six entry points at the top of the matrix, bringing in the source of power, however at the bottom there’s only five exits. When you line up a connection correctly, you’ll know about it, for the pipe glows blue and then turns orange.

Gems Are the Currency

Instead of your standard paytable, you have five gemstones that can appear inside the pipes, and then a wild that acts as another multiplier, only this time with a more profitable outcome. Although this means that the symbols have been simplified, that isn’t to say that no excitement can’t be found here.

Each of the icons available have a different multiplier value associated with them, with the orange jewel being the most common to appear, and the cheapest; it’s worth x2. Should you want a greater outcome, you’ll need one of the other images; below is a list of them and their worth.

Purple gemx3
Red gemx5
Green gemx7
Blue gemx10

Maximum Effort for Maximum Gains

Merkur have always had a interconnected betting and payout system, and so the one at work in Pipeliner shouldn’t come as a surprise. That being said, the financial gain you stand to experience if you wager 10 credits is quite amazing: 72,000 credits can be won per game. Despite 10 credits sounding like a lot of money, it’s a lot cheaper than other online pay-ins, and so the payoff almost seems too good to be true. However, if you have the cash to flash and want to win it big, you need to pay-in like any self respecting high roller would.

No Mess, No Fuss

Pipeliner has a streamlined interface, as we’ve already discussed, which also means it has little in the way of variance – the symbols involved provide some diversity, but not much. Therefore, the only other specials to savour, besides the base game, are the risk options present at the end of a winning round. They’re easy to adapt to, and can increase your payout considerably, however they can be tricky to win at, meaning that leaving empty handed happens more often than not.

Pipeline Dream

When you break this slot down to all its main components, it has little to show in the way of entertainment, and yet when they’re pieced together, you have an engaging title. What is more, the design and layout is truly unique to Merkur and Pipeliner, therefore making it one of the brands more radical activities.

This gets a definite thumbs up from us; it’s innovation in getting from A to B and consequently winning money is ingenious. We’ll be working these pipes whenever we can, with whatever coins happen to be in our work shirts.