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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Sometimes we need to travel past the realms of possibility and out into the stars. Playing real cash slots with themes of Greece and Victorian England are great, but there’s nothing better than looking up at the sky and knowing you’re part of it all. That’s why Planets is going to become a firm favourite of yours, if for nothing other than its looks.

This Merkur slot has an out of this world aesthetic that takes you on a tour of all the planets, as well as some of the most commonly known star signs; think of it as an astronomy lesson. You pay a small entry charge, but you get to travel at lightspeed, taking in the universe as you go; only the likes of Janeway and Picard have been so lucky.

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In Flight Entertainment

For the duration of your journey with Planets, you’ll find that the recreational opportunities are rather limited, but by no means less rewarding. You see, Merkur tends to revert to retro gameplay when creating slots, young and old, and so the dynamics are more closely connected to vintage games than modern ones. That’s not an issue, it’s a fact.

Consequently, the number of feature opportunities is reduced down, providing gamers with just enough of what they need to keep them from losing their minds. In Planets, the speciality of the paytable is surprisingly even more barren than usual, in the sense that there’s only a wild. As unappetising as that sounds, the appearance of substituting wilds can herald in the wind of change, leading to greater wins. And if all else fails, you have cash prizes of up to 8,000 coins.

First Contact

Establishing a link with new lifeforms is never easy, for there’s so many different aspects of the meet that can go wrong. Although we can’t assure you’ll become friends with the 5-reels, you can make enough of a connection to create a win, it’ll just take a lot of time.

Having played newer slots from the brand, such as Pirates Arrr Us, we’ve become used to Merkur changing up the rules and lowering its difficulty, but sadly their true nature hasn’t changed. In Planets you have high volatility every time you spin, and to make matters worse, you have fixed paylines, meaning you can’t decrease the challenge factor.

Minimising Risk

Seeing as travelling in space increases the risk factor somewhat, it’s likely some of you will want to avoid any purposeful blunders altogether. However, those of you hardy of nature, who wish to dare the void, have the chance to do so with the games risk opportunities, aka gamble options.

The two presented here aren’t exclusive to this one game, but they are to the brand, which means that you’ll know exactly what to do if you’ve played with Merkur before. After a win, you’ll be shown three buttons, with only one allowing you to bypass the double or nothing. You can bluff your way through by picking a card and hoping for the best, or climbing the ladder and praying that your number isn’t up. If at any time you get cold feet, you can collect half or leave the round entirely, assuming you haven’t lost.

Ground Control

Organising away missions, even contacting home, is a doddle due to the simplicity of the control panel; everything you need is underneath the matrix. You can set the betting totals on the right hand side, and the automatic rounds on the left, with the spin widget clearly in the middle. Furthermore, a user manual can be located inside the ‘?’ icon.

Sights We’ve Seen

As hard as Planets tries, it isn’t the novelty slot machine it’s trying to be – far too many other casino games have followed similar designs, only with more features. Therefore, we get nothing new to interact with.

This is a reasonably sized, low variance slot, but it can never be more than what is was designed to be, and so your mission into space will be short in its duration.