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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Prime Liner, similar in name to Pipeliner, shouldn’t be confused, for the experience offered here is decidedly less interactive than its sister slot machine. What is more, this game is more luxurious; this is a real cash slot about wealth and status.

Even though the subject matter is glamorous, the actual execution of this Merkur slot is quite crude and underwhelming; there’s little creative flare to be seen here. The imagery is bland, as is the genericness of the interface provided. That lack of originality continues into the paytable, where users will find a low variance experience awaiting them.

In truth, the prospects of this game appear bleak, but maybe a play or two can soften us up to the so called VIP quality of this 5-reel casino activity.

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Bigger is Better

When playing Prime Liner, you have the unique opportunity of playing with 40 winlines. Even though they’re all fixed into place, you’ll still feel more flexibility than you’re used to with previous Merkur titles.

Their knack is usually for a limited matrix, with few paylines to move about, which in turn makes the challenge of the gameplay much greater, but here you have wider reach. In theory that should mean that the volatility is lower, but it seems the brand has managed to bypass that byproduct and leave us with a taxing playthrough. Thankfully, the RTP rate can give us some hope, for it’s said to be 96.65%.

Gimme the Money

Out of the symbols we can see, the wad of cash is by far the most interesting of the bunch, for it’s the scatter icon. Usually this would mean that a special attribute will accompany any winning combo made up of these tiles, but here you don’t get that luxury. Ironic really.

It would seem that this symbol can pay on any position, but that’s about it, and so its monetary worth becomes the most important part of its existence. For those coming in with a low bet, the pricing is between 0.80 and 20 credits, but come in hot and stake big and that range will change to between 40 and 1,000. That still isn’t the highest paying tile though, for the diamond holds the aces with as much as 2,500 coins on offer.

Increased Payload

To give your winnings an extra lift, there are two gamble opportunities that you can choose to engage with or ignore, though once begun, you can still leave before risking your cash. We find these extras to be the only means of high stimulation in Prime Liner, which sadly says far too much about what’s lacking from this slot machine.

Nonetheless, for those looking to double their prizes, you’ll need to decide whether you want to go down the card or ladder route; after that, it’s all down to luck. To entice you in, there’s the knowledge of a potential max win of 140 credits associated with both rounds, but few people make it to the payout.

Hey Big Spender

The betting threshold of this slot is a lot greater than previous games from Merkur; instead of starting off with a sum of between 0.05 and 0.10 credits, you begin with 0.40. It isn’t a dramatic change, but it could certainly be the difference between you playing for real and playing for fun.

As expected, the top amount is 20 credits, which is usually the brand’s favourite go-to figure. Seeing as how much of the paytable is reliant on big bets, we tend to pay with the top amount, but not everybody has that amount of money to spare.


Prime Liner may have been designed with grandeur in mind, but it’s a cheap game with zero personality. So much so in fact, that it’s hard to find any redeeming features within the gameplay, for even the top cash prize can be beaten if you play elsewhere. This is one of Merkur’s disappointing titles, and so it’s best left untouched.