Pyramids of Egypt Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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During our time on this earth, we’ve played a lot of real cash slots, some of which are greater than others, and so we’ve become used to engaging with predictable themes. The trick is to find a common design that has something different about it, no matter how small. Well, we think we’ve found that in Pyramids of Egypt.

Consisting of just 4 reels, this is one of Merkur’s smaller slot machines, however it has a huge range of scope with 81 ways to play. Ways to play provide wider coverage of the reels, which more often than not equals more wins.

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Plain Jane

One of the first aspects of Pyramids of Egypt we noticed is that it’s a plain Jane – there’s nothing enticing about it, visually speaking. The theme is lightly inferred, but it doesn’t seem to have been fully developed, and so you get a lacklustre user interface.

However, while there’s a lot left to be desired, there’s something that can be said about this lack of finishing touches; there’s a calm simplicity that helps clear the mind. It doesn’t quite instill excitement, but it enables you to ease into the dynamics of gameplay rather than dive in head first, which more casual users will find most beneficial.

Furthermore, with few distractions in tow, you have more time to study the grid and familiarise yourself with the symbols in play. This won’t help you win the game, but it’ll aid you in understanding the strength of your successes (and losses).

Full House

As we’ve mentioned before now, not a lot of variety is given, and so you’ll have to take the surprises where you can get them, one of which happens to be embedded in a full screen win. This means you need every square of every reel covered with the same symbol, a feat that doesn’t occur often. However, when it comes you get a multiplier of x2; a small reward that isn’t too worthwhile, but it’s a feature all the same.

The issue we take with such a shortcoming extra is how much it turns users off from playing for real – there’s no reason to pay cash when you can experience this special for free. Sure, you miss out on the financial side of winning, but are you missing much in truth?

Four of a Kind

Unlike in other slot machines, where a five of a kind match is often the top paying combination, here it’s four of a kind. And while there’s marked differences between the match of three and the match of four, the prize sizes still aren’t anything to get worked up about. They can become more mouthwatering when playing with the maximum bet, but that is a trait that not all gamers will be able to engage with.

The large pyramid is the main contender if you seek lots of money, with its valued steadied at 4,000 coins. In opposition to this is the bottom of the paytable, where several icons, including the Q, K and 10s, only ever amount to 20 credits (this is assuming you pay top dollar).

Better Left Forgotten

It’s rare that explorers say this: but some slot machines are better left forgotten, and Pyramids of Egypt is one of them. There’s some parts of the matrix that work okay, but okay isn’t exactly what you want to be experiencing when playing with and for money.

With such low quality graphics and equally low quality rewards, there’s little this slot machine can offer you, even if you’re a novice. Bearing all that in mind, this is quite simply one of the worst Merkur games in circulation. Many others out there offer so much better, even on a solely aesthetic level, and so it’s better to seek out those experiences rather than enduring another second of this one.

Our rating for Pyramids of Egypt would be a very low two out of five stars, one of the lowest ratings we’ve ever handed out.