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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You might need to do a double take when playing Race to Win, for it says that it’s a Merkur slot machine, but it looks too different in size and features to be one of theirs. This is arguably one of their most contemporary titles, and yet in reality it offers few advances in the way of gameplay.

The user interface has been compacted into only a few simple buttons, allowing for speed in starting up your game, and the grid has been condensed into just 3 reels, adding to that sense of this machine being a pocket rocket.

Our pistons are pumping and all engines are fired up and ready to go – let’s race.

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Welcome to the New Age

It’s not possible to spin the reels without commenting on the overall look of this real cash slot, for it’s like nothing we’ve seen from the brand, and they’re known for being resourceful. The change of pace they bring with the smaller grid actually creates a greater sense of speed, which is perfect as this game is all about going fast.

A blue tinted monochrome world is where our racers will meet and challenge one another, giving a slightly futuristic edge to the aesthetic; it reminds us of Tron, but without the neon highlights. What is more, the size of the reels means we feel like we’re inside a vehicle rather than looking at a screen, meaning the immersion is much stronger than with previous games from the brand.

Crossing the Finish Line

The moment your foot touches the accelerator and the car roars into action, you’re aim suddenly shifts from being the quickest off the start line to being the one who comes in first. And for you to be the best, to drive away with that sense of achievement, you’ll need to swoop in and get a match of either two or three of the finish flags.

Their white and black image not only sounds your victory, but it also triggers the Mystery Feature. As the name would suggest, a lot of what we know about this round is nothing but whispers and rumours, the enigma of the level greater than any knowledge surrounding it. Furthermore, with how difficult it is to actually activate the bonus, we never got to experience the feature firsthand, and so we can only go off of the stories: that you get a mystery prize.

Ultra Modern

We’re back to the control side of things because they’re mightily impressive; there’s literally four main buttons to engage with. Normally you’ll have a coin-illustrated widget to alter the bet size, followed by the spin toggle, and then the autospins in small at the bottom of the screen, the flow of which is questionable. Here though you have two bet buttons, then the autospins and the spin.

Press the numbered button to set the cost of your wager, with the initial charge being that of 0.05 and the top being 10 credits, reachable via the maximum bet toggle as well. Then you have another compact button that opens up a wide array of options: the automatic rounds. Click that and a similar process to what’s explained above will take place.

Is Winning All It Takes?

Race to Win is about being number one, but with the setup of this slot machine, rarely do you become the champion of the reels. What is more, although this slot is a lot more easy going on the eyes than other Merkur titles, it essentially has the same type of flaws, most obviously being its lack of variance.

If we merely look at this as a first time interaction with the brand, we’d say that we’re intrigued to see more and the results are okay but promising, which will be enough for newcomers. However, for veteran users, you may be looking for something more fulfilling.