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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Railroad is a 5-reel slot machine that’s taking you back in time to the 19th century, where secret organisations and underground movements would use trains as a means of transporting their ‘goods’. Fans of Fallout 4 will know this due to the popular fraction, called The Railroad.

Here we have a less technologically advanced world to engage with, if you can call it a world at all: there’s only 5 winlines, all of which are fixed, and in true Merkur style the variance is low. Despite the odds however, this game can be an enjoyable trip to America, with stops of cash prizes littered along the way.

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It’s a Stampede

This slot doesn’t have much to offer, but what it does offer is an innovation of sorts, in the form of a 15 of a kind win. It’s likely you’ve seen this type of combination before, but under a different name, so it’s not truly unique, but it provides Railroad with another element to draw us in.

Oddly enough though, only one of the icons can be matched in such a way and it’s the buffalo, yet this icon doesn’t appear to have any specialist properties of any kind. Why that decision was made in the first place? Only Merkur knows, but it certainly makes travelling along the tracks a lot more rewarding when wins like that can come into view. 

Prickly Customer

Sometimes not all goes well in a movement such as this one, some of the customers you encounter can be less than helpful, and some of them will even double cross you sooner than lend their aid. Fortunately for you guys, the only sour puss you’ll have to contend with is the prickly cactus out there in the desert.

Although these plants are hard to love, the Railroad kind bring with them what is referred to as Feature Games, which basically means you get some free spins. As many as 32 rounds can be secured, with the winning ticket being nothing more than a five of a kind match. The amount of games won can be seen as the reason why the payout for this icon is so low, for even the top bet payout is no more than 500 credits.

Do the Locomotion

Inside of the feature level, the bonus of Railroad if you will, is where you’ll notice that the locomotive wild becomes more than your basic tile, it becomes a Multi Wild. This doesn’t mean that the symbol is guaranteed to appear, but that when it does, other wilds will come in its wake. They should help you form a winning line, but if not another five rounds of the Feature Games will be awarded.

We love this system, for you get something even when you lose, which isn’t often seen from a real cash slot machine. However, as far as a bonus round, it’s lacking in creativity and depth.

Old Faithful

The gamble options are waiting in the wings for your signal, as faithful as ever in the call to their masters. Some of you may never call upon these double or nothing creatures, but if you do you could stand to gain multiplied wins or lose your coins from that round.

This isn’t for anyone weak of will, for the stress of too many losses can take its toll, which is probably why Merkur have included a means of escape, in the form of the Collect Half. With this option you can walk away with some of your dignity still intact.

Arriving at the Station

As much as we’ve enjoyed our time with Railroad, we’re ready to leave and start another Merkur adventure, maybe one with slightly more variance than this one. This game just doesn’t have the right amount of style to hold your interest for long, and once you’ve lost your interest in a game, getting it back can be pretty tricky. Hop aboard if you like, but don’t blame us if you’re wanting to get off before the next stop.