Secret Spell Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Due to the rapid rate in which slot machines are created, the amount of themes that come up again and again is often overwhelming to say the least. However, sometimes you still manage to find a hidden gem inside of the hundreds of similar real cash slots.

When you play Secret Spell you get a dose of magic, sprinkled with mystery and finished off with a dash of wonderment; the perfect recipe for creating a fantasy based game. This might be no RPG, but there’s elements to it that have been inspired by that genre, and so fans of such games will definitely find solace within the 5 reels.

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Keep It Simple

We say this a lot, but if there’s one particular part of the Merkur brand that we admire, it’s their ability to simplify a theme yet keep it unique to them. Individualising a design comes with many risks: you could misplace an image and the ambiance is lost. Fortunately for this game, the brand has got the balance just right.

The twilight coloured forest in the background sets the tone that this is an atmospheric and deeply mystical journey that you’re upon; no normal woods would look so menacing yet beautiful at the same time. What lets the game down though, is its lack of in-keeping sound effects. Instead of hearing the wind in the trees and the casting of spells, all we can hear is the spin of the reels. It sounds tinny and old fashioned, not at all what this activity is about.

With a Wave of Your Wand

Anyone who is well versed in magic will know how important a wand or staff is to the warlocks and witches that wield them; often they’re their greatest source of power and strength. Here it’s the same, only the one waving around this instrument is you, whenever it shows up on the reels, specifically the first and fifth.

The special feature isn’t that awesome to behold, which does mean that the sense of anti-climax you’re about to feel is significant, but nonetheless, the casting of this spell will bring in wins. When symbols show up and unite, they make a winning line and the money comes flooding in.

Be Prepared

Anything can happen to you in Secret Spell, meaning that you need to be ready for whatever the magical community can throw at you. One of their harsh weapons is the volatility of this slot machine – it is extremely hard to get a winning line on a regular basis.

There’s a clear RTP rate of 96.02% to confirm how rewarding the grid can be. However, you won’t find yourself being the sole beneficiary of that aforementioned rate, meaning the losses will be experienced more than the successes.

Furthermore, when you manage to connect the symbols and get the reward, you might find you’re hitting the lower end of the paytable rather than the top. This seems to happen whether you bet big or small, so don’t increase your wager to try and compensate unless you really want to.

Not so Secret Any More

The whole point of a secret is that nobody knows about it, but from the moment you play Secret Spell you discover all that is contained within its matrix, which means the secret becomes devoid. As a result, the wonder of the paytable is lost, and so the wand bonus becomes predictable for returning players. Those who play slot machines will know this already, but predictability and slot machines don’t go together.

Then you have the fact that this is a low impact game, designed to give you a quick fix, but never stimulate you more than it has to. Maybe it’s just us, but a lot of the time we want to become part of the world we’re playing in, rather than apart from it. As a result, Secret Spell is ideal for casual gaming, but nothing beyond that; and by causal we mean quick and easy.