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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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For those too young to know, a steamboat is a steam powered paddle boat, seen largely in America during the 19th century. Modern they’re not, at least not by today’s standards, but back then they were all the range. Getting your hands on one of these modes of transport is pretty darn hard, but then that’s only if you’ve never heard of online slots or Merkur; the brand has created a 5-reels real cash slot for your enjoyment.

As is the brand’s way, the design here is quite dated. Normally this could be seen as an issue for players to overcome, but with the theme of the slot in mind, the dated nature of the aesthetic works well. You feel like you’re being immersed inside a 19th century experience, brought to you by the aid of modern tech. It’s all very fancy.

Though Steamboat might be a big game in size, variance wise it has little to offer other than monetary gains, but such is the charm of an old school designed online activity.

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Steamboat Willie

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say, but with this game you’re given low diversity with which to engage; there’s a wild feature and that’s it. As mundane as this sounds, the wild can become an expanding wild, and with it can come multiplied wins.

You’ll be able to identify the wild with ease for it is a large and rather magnificent steamboat, rolling along the waves. Between two or three of them are needed for a win, with a match of two heralding a x2 multiplier on your initial bet, while a match of three gives a x4 multiplier. Imagine if you play with the maximum bet, your payout here would be 40 credits; not bad for a three of a kind winning line.

From Day to Night

Steamboat might not have the most impressive graphics, but its looks have one redeeming feature that not many old fashioned games have, and that’s an interactive design. As you play, the background will go from day to night, essentially taking you on an all day journey for those all aboard the boat.

In truth it adds nothing to the gameplay other than something attractive to watch, but sometimes that’s all it takes to make a slot machine feel more exciting than what it actually is. And as far as feeling part of the ‘story’ portrayed here, you’ll find it difficult to top a time changing establishing shot.

All Aboard!

This might not be a train, but boarding on time and paying the correct fee is just as important, and so we come to the betting part of our Steamboat tour. As those who have played with Merkur will know, the range provided is usually accessible for all budgets of gamers, and with this slot you’re getting the same cost effective experience.

The initial sting can be as gentle as 0.05 – for the whole game. We’re not discussing broken down over the number of winlines, or the number of coins valued at what price, we’re talking the total bet. Not bad; that’s cheaper than any coffee you can buy. Furthermore, even the maximum stake is a cool 10 credits, which although steeper than a couple of pence, it’s still more than reasonable for an online game.

For setting that amount, merely use the (-) and (+) widgets on the right hand side, just underneath the grid, or select the big green Max Bet button.

Coming in to Dock

This isn’t a heavy hitter in the casual gaming market: it’s a small slot that has little variety and much difficulty. That being said, it’s pleasant meandering down stream, followed with the occasional win, makes it an enjoyable addition to any players online gaming list. When you need to unwind and take a quick boat ride, no other slot will be there for you like Steamboat will be.