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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Merkur has many faces that it shows to the slot machine community; it can transform itself so much that you’ll always find something of value inside their games. Yucatan is proof of that, for this real cash slot has an exclusive aesthetic that helps it to stand out from others.

After the initial opening of the game, you’ll begin to spot the markers of the brand – the bet display, the fixed winlines. Not that it takes away from the impact this 3D animated slot has on you. This might not be as forward thinking as other games, but the graphics create an old school sensation similar to Lara Croft, which is one of the most iconic classic games around.

Boasting 50 winlines, this is a chunky grid filled with possibilities, but will Merkur have been kind with their volatility?

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Welcome to the Jungle

The fun and games start off from the moment you load up the matrix; the theme is so vibrant and warm, we feel like we’re on an island rather than at home. Leafy palm trees decorate the edges of the display, while an exotic woman stalks her prey across the 5-reels.

The local temple can be seen, but it’s the totems of treasure – the masks and coins – that really capture our love for adventure. Everything here looks like it’s waiting to be discovered for the first time, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Let the Games Begin!

Free games don’t register on many of our radars; they’re good fun, but we crave something more exciting. That was, until we played Yucatan and discovered that 100 extra spins could be ours – that’s a huge amount to gift users. It has been seen in a few other slot machines, but it isn’t a common practice.

To get that many though, you’ll need all the spirits on your side when lining up those icons because only five matches of the scatter will do. Should you fall short, you have a reduced load of 25 and then 10 games, neither of which are nearly as impressive. That being said, with those spins as much as 4,000 credits can be yours, though it depends on your bet level.

Even with the 50 winlines, we didn’t manage to activate the round, meaning that you’re in for a long playthrough, not to mention you’ll be spending a lot of coin.

Appeasing the Gods

Homage to those that watch over Yucatan is the only way to get cash prizes into your account, and so you need to make a punt.

As there’s many paylines active in this title, the bet covers each individual line, meaning that 0.01 turns into 0.50 credits in total. This is still a reasonable price, and one that many users can afford, but the top bet might prove less accessible as it’s 20 coins. Sure, that amount won’t break your bank but you can get a lot for that amount of money, so make sure you can afford the expense.

You have the usual plus and minus widgets, as well as the maximum bet to catapult you to the top, allowing for swift gameplay and ease of use. Furthermore, an indicator of your balance will always be displayed to ensure you know your comings and goings.

A Cultural Celebration

Yucatan feels like a party slot machine, celebrating a culture based on parts of the world most of us have never even heard of. It’s a dance of chance and good fortune, but it can also be a hunt to the death, such is its multidimensional interface. It’s true that it won’t wow you, but it doesn’t need to; too many slots forget that simple pleasures are often the best.

We’ll return to these shores very soon, and we hope that you do too, but if not there’s other destinations to explore, like Pharos 2 or Amazonia. And should you wish to escape the travel theme vibe, there’s many other titles out there, classic and contemporary, to whet your appetite.