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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You get to see all kind of animals when you play slot games. Now it’s time to meet some of the top ones out there in ‘Big 5.’ Here’s a quintet of animals you’ll find in Africa and hopefully it’ll be a big game for you and some winning combinations will be coming your way.

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Hunt Those Big Wins

‘Big 5’ hasn’t always been that delightful a term. It used to refer to the animals that hunters most wanted to bag on their next expedition and were down as the most difficult to hunt down. Nowadays it has a much more positive feel to it and is often used by marketing companies eager to attract tourists to their reserves.

So just which animals comprise the Big 5? Well it’s the elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros and of course the King of the Jungle. No not Christopher Biggins or Joe Pasquale but the lion. We get to see all of them in the bottom left of the screen. Not that realistic to see all five of them together without the lion of the leopard trying their best to eat the others. The look of the game is a good one and the reels and the paytable are all on the same screen.

There’s just the three reels in this game and everything is decided on just one pay-line. That’s a real throwback to the games we were playing a few decades ago and we even get some fruit too. Probably a disappointment for the lion who’d prefer a nice antelope really.

Strange Choice of Symbols

What’s not very logical in this game is the decision made over the symbols in this game. You might be thinking that the symbols will be the ‘Big 5’ but think again. We get the lion on the reels but the rest are cherries, a bar and a bar with a ‘5’ through it. Why can’t we have the other animals as symbols? All very strange indeed.

The lion is the wild symbol in this game, well you try telling it otherwise. You’d end up as his dinner if he was told otherwise. Besides you don’t get much wilder than a lion do you? This is a symbol you’ll be really keen to see end up on a pay-line. That’s because it can substitute for other symbols to get you some good wins.

If you can get three of the lions on a pay-line, then the news just gets better and better as that’s the top prize in this slot. That’ll pay you a handsome 2400x your stake if playing all three coins. Just one coin being used will still see a 800x win so still a win to look out for.

It’s usually three matching symbols that get you a win in this game but not always. Just one cherry anywhere on the reels will get you a 2x win and two will get you a 5x win. Other wins in the game include 150x for three bars.

Playing the game isn’t that expensive at all. The minimum cost of playing is €0.25; the maximum is €75. Not a bad range so no problems working out a stake. If you do want to get the big wins in the game though you need to be playing the maximum three coins on each spin of the reels. Simply work out your budget and have a great time playing the game.

No Bonus

There may well be a wild lion here but those of you who are on the hunt for some free spins or a pick ‘em game are going to be disappointed. As is often the case in these three-reel slots from Microgaming there’s no sign of any bonus game here. A bit disappointing but there are still some good wins to be had here so don’t let that put you off playing it.

Final Words

Here’s a game that has a good theme, a good look to it and the soundtrack won’t have you going straight to the mute button. There’s some good wins out there but it’s not a perfect game. It’s disappointing that the symbols don’t relate too much to the theme and a shame there’s no bonus game. However, it’s still worth having a go just to try and get your hands on the top prize.