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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Unless you’re Sir David Attenborough you might be wondering what, a Big Kahuna is or is it just me? Here’s another slot from Microgaming that has a jungle theme but instead of Ant and Dec we get plenty of animals, fruit and a volcano.

With a bit of luck there’ll be a big eruption for your account balance and that will certainly have you laughing all the way to the bank.

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Let Your Account Balance Erupt

There was a film once called ‘Volcano’ and it took me ages to work out what it was going to be about. Now we have a slot game based in Hawaii that features animals, fruit and a great big thing that could erupt and cover everything in lava.

This is a five-reel slot from Microgaming that has three rows of symbols but just the nine pay-lines for you to win on. You need to decide your line bet and whether to play one, two, three, four or five coins on the next spin. The minimum cost of activating all the pay-lines is €0.45 and the maximum you can spend on a spin is €45. Not a game to get the high rollers out there drooling but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a level you can comfortably spin the reels at.

Dragon Alert

This is one of those slot games that thankfully doesn’t have any playing card symbols. ‘Big Kahuna’ has a theme and it adheres to it completely. We get a Chief in a feathered headdress, a Komodo dragon with his tongue hanging out waiting for his next dinner and then it’s fruit city with a strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, lichi, kiwi fruit and orange.

The Big Kahuna logo is the wild symbol in this game. It’s not the best of wild symbols though as it only has the ability to substitute for the fruit symbols not the animals. It can still get you some good wins though.

The monkey with a big smile on his face is one of three scatter symbol. This can give you some cash wins and pays in both directions which is rather handy. The other scatters are the Tiki Mask and the Volcano and these can help trigger the bonus game.

This is a reasonably straightforward game to play. All the operating buttons are down the bottom of the screen. The game can be played in either regular or expert mode. The advantage of choosing the expert mode is the ability to set up an autoplay of up to 500 spins, handy if you need to pop out to your local green grocers.

Before you start playing, have a look through the paytable to ensure you fully understand how the game works. Some free plays will also prepare you for the volcanic experience that awaits you.

Pick ‘Em Time

There are two bonus games in this slot but if you’re a fan of free spins games then look elsewhere. Both the Pick a Mask Bonus Game and Volcano Bonus Feature are pick ’em games with not a free spin in sight.

You need to get three of the Tiki Mask symbols in order to trigger the Pick a Mask Bonus Game. With a title like that I don’t really need to tell you what you’ll be doing here. Yes, you guessed right, there’s ten masks and you need to make some choices to reveal cash prizes. This continues to boost your account balance until the Collect sign is revealed. That ends the bonus game but this kind slot does give you a consolation prize.

There’s more pickings in the Volcano Bonus Feature. Three of the volcano symbols are required to trigger this but one has to be on the first of the reels. You don’t have to choose from volcanos, one of them is bad enough, instead it’s fruit. These are in fact the offerings to give to the volcano. I never knew volcanos were so keen on fruit, lava bread perhaps? Just one choice to make so not the longest or most thrilling bonus games but you can get some good wins from it.

Final Words

This is an enjoyable game to play and there are some big wins to be had if your luck is in. The lack of any free spins is a bit of a disappointment but the bonus games can still be lucrative.