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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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There are two things that come to mind when we think of the words ‘chain mail’. The first of them is the type of armour which is made up of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh – something which also goes by the name of a hauberk. The second is a typical chain letter, which consists of a message that attempts to convince the recipient to make a number of copies and then pass it on to as many other recipients as possible, thereby creating chain mail. When it comes to the Microgaming product of the same name, it doesn’t really appear to have taken board either of these, and instead goes ahead with something entirely different. The game seems to take on a sort of royal theme, rather than anything relating to what we mentioned, although this is also merged with one or two icons relating to mail delivery. There isn’t any special kind of soundtrack involved in the game either, as the developer has instead decided to input the generic casino noises, so you’ll have the sounds of other slot machines in the background making noises, as well as the chatter of other supposed gamers. On the whole, it’s quite an odd game, but keep reading on as there are some great features of it to discover.

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Intriguing Icons and Game Play

As mentioned, the game itself seems to be quite chaotic in terms of providing a specific theme, although its layout should be fairly familiar to many of you, offering up five reels and three rows in total. It’s on these reels that you’ll find the various different icons, which start with a selection of different foods. So, you’ll get to spin through an wafer cone with pink ice cream on top (as well as a golden crown on top of it), there’s a bucket of chicken drumsticks with the label ‘King’s Fried Chicken’ stuck on it, and there’s a delicious looking pizza. These are joined by a very tasty looking chocolate bar called a ‘Coco Delight’, and there’s also a skewer in the shape of an arrow, which has collected all sorts of food items on it, including zucchini, chicken and sausage. Four other standard icons are also included in the game. These are the red post box, the valiant looking white steed, a grinning night in his shiny armour, and a princess who appears to be quite at home with her mobile phone!

In addition to its icons, reels and rows, Chain Mail also has a total of 20 different pay lines included in it. These can be adjusted in order to suit any personal preferences you may have on this specific area, and further customisation is possible when it comes to your wager placed. This starts with altering the value of a single coin, which offers up a range of between $0.01 and $0.50 per line. Then, you have the option of how many coins you want to wager per active pay line, and this is alterable between one and five. Therefore, if you set these at their maximum levels and have the full amount of bet lines active, you can place a maximum overall wager of $50 per spin. This total can be reached by using the ‘Bet Max’ button at your leisure.

Chained Special Features

While it may seem like this game is a little all over the place in terms of sticking to a particular theme, it actually offers up some nice bonus features alongside the standard game play. The first of these is the wild icon, and this is represented by its logo. Should this make an appearance on the reels, it will substitute for any other icon, except scatters, in order to form a winning combination, and not only that, but it will double your pay out as well. Should five of these appear on a winning pay line, you’ll find yourself receiving a maximum win of 6,000 coins.

And speaking of the noted scatter icon, this is represented by the mail bag. These pay out wherever they show up on the reels, and they are multiplied by the total bet placed. Five of them showing up offer a pay out of 100 times your wager staked.

There is an additional scatter symbol as well, which is represented by the icon with a ‘B’ on it. Should these show up in any location on reels one, three and five, you’ll trigger the ‘Castle Bonus’. In this round, you’ll need to select a door to reveal what’s behind it. Some of them reveal coin vales, and if you manage to find Princess Roxy, she will win all values in a single row of doors. However, be careful, because if you reveal Uncle Mordred, the bonus round will come to an end.

A Decent Game

So Chain Mail probably won’t be breaking boundaries graphically, but it does provide a decent product with great special features alongside. A nice addition to the Microgaming catalogue.