City of Gold Slot by Microgaming Online

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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We’re off to South America where you’ll find the legendary City of Gold. You might have your own gold if the wins come your way playing this great slot release from Microgaming.

The look of this game certainly reminds me of the slot games that I used to play in the past. They weren’t as complicated as most of the games you play online and only had the three reels. Then technology advanced and we moved onto the five-reel spectaculars. It’s good to still see the three reel games though and Microgaming have released

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Enter The City of Gold

With the three-reel games it has a different look because of the amount of space the reels take up. The games with five reels take up all the vast majority of the screen but not so here. The top left hand corner of the screen has the reels and underneath that is the jungle scene with the City of Gold in the background. Rather than having to access another screen to see the paytable, all the details of how much each winning combination pays is all shown on the right hand side of the screen as well as information about the wild symbol in this game. All of which gives the game a great look and that always adds to the enjoyment of playing a game in my opinion.

So here we have a three-reel game that has just the one pay-line. That’s probably a bit of a shock to you as you’re used to playing games that have a heck of a lot more than that. This is a simple game though and is still very enjoyable to play.

The cost of playing the game isn’t too bad. The decision you have before spinning the reels is whether to play one coin or two. By playing two coins you double the cost of playing but at the same time the amount you can win is multiplied by two. The minimum cost for playing this game is €0.25 and the maximum cost €10, All you need to do is work out a budget and just have fun playing without any financial worries creeping in.

Operating this game isn’t going to cause you any problems at all. The control buttons are all down the bottom of the screen. You can play in regular or expert mode, the latter allowing you to set an autoplay. Rules of the game can be accessed via the help button so have a good look at those.

Golden Fruit

The symbols in this game also have a retro feel to them. There’s some melons, bar, double bar and triple bars, sevens and a bowl of jewels. It’s the jewels which are the wild symbol in this game. That gives this retro feeling game a bit of a kick into the modern day. The wild can substitute for other symbols to get you some handy winning combinations.

Big Paying Jewels

The top paying symbol in this game is the bowl of jewels. Three of those on the pay-line pays 800x your stake if playing with one coin and 1600x if placing both coins on the spin of the reels. Other big winners include the seven symbol which pays 100x and 200x while the triple bars pay 50x and 100x. Just one melon on the pay-line doubles or quadruples your stake.

Absent Bonus

There may be a wild in this game but that’s all you are getting as far as anything resembling a bonus goes. If you’re looking for free spins or even a pick ‘em game then you’re on a loser here. A bit of a shame there’s not even a random bonus that could crop up every now and then but as I’ve said this is a rather simple game.

City Conclusion

If you’re looking for a sophisticated game with lots of pay-lines, a bonus game and all that jazz then ‘City of Gold’ isn’t for you. That’s not to say this simple slot isn’t an entertaining one beause it is. If you’re new to playing slot games then this is an ideal introduction for you. If you long for the games that you played in days gone by, then again try your luck on this even if only for a short while because there are still some good wins to be had here.