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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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We’d all love to get our hands on a cool buck or two wouldn’t we? Well that’s the aim in this entertaining three-reel slot from Microgaming.

There’s a whole host of top games that have been designed by Microgaming and most of them are of the five-reel variety. You’ve most likely got a fair share of them on your favourite games list but there are also some excellent three-reel games on their list too and this is one of them.

It’s always a little bit different when you play a three-reel game. It’s nowhere near as complex as those larger games but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a great chance of getting some good wins and enjoying the experience.

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Cool Buck Is Here

With the three-reel game the first big difference you’ll notice is in its look. There’s so much to see on the screen but that doesn’t mean it has a cluttered look. In the top left-hand side of the reels you will see the all-important reels. Then below that is the Cool Bucks logo and an entertaining cartoon of I guess, Cool Buck which is a dollar note that has been rolled up to create a likeable character with eyes, mouth, shoes (with trainers on) and it’s great to look at.

With so much space left over by the fact the reels aren’t that big, it means that just like in the fruit machines I’ve played in the past and in the pubs and clubs today, the paytable is on the main screen. With the five-reel games they end up on a separate screen but not here.

‘Cool Buck’ has those three reels and just the five pay-lines. That’s a few more than used to be on the fruit machines of the past.

The symbols are fairly basic. You get to see the cherries, sevens, single/double/triple bars and golden dollar signs to fit in with the theme. The game isn’t all about paying homage to the past as there’s a wild symbol here. That’s the gold dollar sign and it can substitute for all the other symbols in the game to get you some winning combinations. No scatter or bonus symbols in this game simply because there’s no bonus game for you to try and trigger.

Dollar Delight

The gold dollar signs really will bring in the money because three of them can win you 6000x your line stake, now that really is something to aim for. To get that massive win you have to be playing at Bet Max, that means five coins being used. If you only have one coin being played then you’d receive 1000x your line bet if those three gold dollar signs end up on a pay-line. That goes up to 2000x, for two coins, 3000x for three and 4000x for four.

Playing the game isn’t going to cost you too much. The minimum cost of playing all the pay-lines is €1.25 and the maximum €100. A wide range so there shouldn’t be any problem with you finding a comfortable level to play at without any financial worries creeping in. Yes you want to be winning that 6000x prize but just keep an eye on that budget of yours, the other top prizes are well worth winning too and less expensive to aim for.

Operating the game isn’t going to cause you any problems at all with the control buttons down the bottom of the screen. You’ll find that this is a high variance game. That means a steady stream of wins will come your way but they will mainly be the lower paying ones.

When you do get a win then the soundtrack will have some coins falling to the ground, a nice touch you’ll want to hear on a regular basis. One cherry on a pay-line pays 1x your line bet and two cherries 2x. Get three of them and that’s 10x your win. I wonder just who decided cherries would always be the lowest paying fruit?  There will be some big wins if you’re really lucky but they don’t come along that often. Look out for the 7’s as three of those win you 300x your line stake.

Cool or Not?

This is an entertaining game despite the lack of any free spins. Definitely worth a play, especially if new to playing slot games.