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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Somewhere deep in space is a cat; yes really, a cat! I guess after all the monkey’s and dogs who have been sent up into space it was time for a cat to make its way beyond the st ars. Well that’s the theme for this rather strange and simple slot game from Microgaming.

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Travel Back in Time and Space

Cosmic Cat might sound like one of those cartoons that you watch when there’s not much else on. It’s not just an outer space adventure that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘have you put the cat out?’ No, this is also a bit of a trip back in time because there’s a definite retro (rocket?) feel to this game.

While you’re wondering if Cosmic Cat uses a catflap to get in and out of its spaceship, you’ll notice that the game has a very different look to it. We’re back to the old days when rather than having plenty of paylines, there’s just one. Yes just the one and the reels are in the top left hand corner of the screen. To the right you see the paytable and below the reels there’s the one and only Cosmic Cat, star of this slot game.  With him (or her?) is a mouse, yes they really do get everywhere don’t they?  The control buttons are down the bottom of the screen so this is a straightforward game to try your luck on.

Playing this game costs between €0.25 and €10 so it’s not the dearest of games to play but not a peny slot either. With there being just the one payline (which is what we were used to in the old days.

To set your stake for each spin of the reels, you used the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons that are down on the menu bar. Either use ‘Bet One’ or go for ‘Bet Max’ which doubles your line stake and the amount you can win if your luck is in.

The symbols here really will take you through that time warp. There’s more bars here than on the seafront in Brighton and Hove. You have the bar, double bar and triple bar along with the hero of our tale (tail?) Cosmic Cat and the unnamed mouse.

That Feline is Wild

Being the star of the show, Cosmic Cat is also the wild in this game. It can substitute for other symbols in the game and hopefully get you some good winning combinations. If you get just one of the Cosmic Cat symbols then that gives you a 2x win, three takes that up to 5x, a handy way of keeping your account balance ticking over.

You might need that because this is a high variance game. That means the big wins won’t come along on too regular a basis. You’ll be smiling like a Cosmic Cheshire Cat if you land the jackpot though as that’s 1000x if you can get three Cosmic Cats on the single winning payline.

No Bonus in Space

Being a retro game with just one payline it’s back to the days when players weren’t deluged with bonus games. There’s no bonus game to aim for in this outer-space adventure. That might put a few of you off but if you long for the old-style games or just want to play something simple then this for you.

Final Words

A fairly simple game that won’t really tax your mind too much. Well, apart from trying to work out why a cat and mouse are in space. Retro lovers will enjoy this game most. It’s easy to play and the soundtrack isn’t too irritating. Worth a short play for sure.