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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The sight of a crocodile is scary enough to be honest but if it’s a crazy crocodile then that’s even worse. You won’t be complaining though if you’re able to land the top prize in this slot from Microgaming.

They don’t look that pleasant to start with do they crocodiles? Hardly something you’re longing to see unless in a zoo and well out of your way. I wonder what actually drives a crocodile crazy, perhaps it’s seeing those Paul Hogan films and not getting any royalties.

Microgaming have been releasing successful slot games for a fair while now and this is one of many they have released paying homage to the history of slot machines. Rather than the five-reel games that dominate the market these days, ‘Crazy Crocodile’ harks back to the past and has just the three reels and just the one pay-line to try and get wins on.

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Snap to It

The backdrop to the game shows the crocodile underwater and the blue matches well with the green crocodile that is seen underneath the reels. It looks more like a happy crocodile than a crazy one. It’s got a big smile on his face (probably just eaten a local native) and is giving thumbs up, that is if crocodiles actually have thumbs, I’m not David Attenborough you know.  Looks can be deceiving though and I wouldn’t trust this one an inch.

With this being a three-reel game, there’s plenty of space on the screen for the paytable to be shown. No second screens needed here as in the five-reel games you’ll be used to playing.

The symbols in the game are, as you might expect in a game of this nature, rather basic. No animations here but we do get single, double and triple bars as well as the crazy crocodile. That’s it in terms of symbols, the designer must have been on holiday that weekend or eaten by a crazy crocodile.

When it comes to deciding your stake for each spin of the reels, it’s a case of deciding what coin level to play and how many to stake. The coin level goes from €0.25 to €15 if placing just one coin. The minimum amount you can spend if playing all three coins is €0.75 and the maximum €45. It’s not one for high rollers but there are still good prizes to be won.

Chase the Crazy Crocodile

One crocodile on the pay-line pays you 2x, 4x or 6x your coin level. Two of them takes that up to 5x, 10x and 15x. What if three of the crocodiles come up? Well three crocodiles anywhere on the reels pays either 200x, 500x or 1000x and three on a pay-line wins you the top prize of 1000x, 2500x and 4000x. That does give you an incentive of playing three coins on each spin of the reels but just be careful with your budget.

That crocodile really is an important symbol in this game because it’s also the wild. So, it’s both wild and crazy!  It can substitute for the other symbols to get you some wins in the game so that’s really going to help you get some winning combinations you wouldn’t otherwise have had.

There’s no bonus game in this slot which is a bit disappointing. That’s the nature of this retro game though so no free spins or pick ‘em games. In fact, we’re a bit lucky to get a wild symbol in the game and that crocodile does behave a bit like a scatter symbol too.

It’s an easy game to play and the control buttons can all be found at the bottom of the screen. That means setting your stake for each spin of the reels isn’t going to cause you any headaches. There’s no autoplay though so you’ll have to keep pressing that spin button.

Snappy Conclusion

A rather basic slot from Microgaming but one that is still entertaining. It has a good colourful look to it and there are some decent cash prizes to be won here. It’s an ideal game for those of you who long for the games of the past or are fairly new to slot games and not quite ready for the more complex ones out there. Definitely worth a play for a while.