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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Here’s another successful slot from Microgaming that looks back at the games that used to be seen up and down the country in pubs, clubs and of course amusement arcades. Love is the theme here, one that gets used a fair amount I guess but this has a slightly different look to it.

There’s one of those love hearts here but also a giant panda. Not quite sure on what’s Cutesy Pie about a panda but I won’t spend all day thinking about it. Instead I’ll concentrate on telling you there are some good prizes to be won in this straightforward and satisfying slot game.

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Love is a Four-Letter Word

Microgaming are dab hands at the complicated five-reel games but also excel at these retro three-reel games. ‘Cutesy Pie’ ticks most of the boxes of the many three-reel games they produce. It’s not their best overall but still entertaining.

The background is comprised of a couple of different shades of pink. All a bit like one of those romantic novels your granny reads. The bottom left hand corner of the reels has the attractive looking ‘Cutesy Pie’ logo. This is in a striking font that wouldn’t look out of place in a futuristic sci-fi themed slot. Underneath is a love heart with the writing ‘I Love You’ on it. Then to the left of that is a giant panda. After a bit of further thought on this subject, I still haven’t got a clue.

Not the most complex game out there by a long chalk, even so it’s always an idea to know as much as you can about a game before sticking some cash in it. Having some free games is also an idea but not as essential as a slot that has some complicated bonus games attached to it.

Panda Puzzle

The reels are in the top left hand corner of the screen and don’t exactly go overboard when trying to fit in with the theme of the game. Most of the symbols will be familiar to those who play these Microgaming three-reel games. There’s the love heart symbol but as you’ll read, that’s the lowest paying symbol in this game. Others include the single, double, and triple bar yellow 7’s and the top paying blue 7’s. Strange there’s been a lack of effort in adhering to the theme after all the good work with the logo.

Playing the game doesn’t cost too much, though this isn’t a penny slot. The coin range runs from €0.25 to $25. There’s just the single pay-line here, so all you have to do is decide how much your coin range will be and how many coins to play on each spin of the reels. Simply work out a budget and make sure financial worries don’t arise.

Love that Jackpot

There is an incentive to be playing the maximum three coins on each spin of the reels. Why? Well, that’s the only way you can win the top prize in this slot. The highest paying symbol is the blue 7’s and three of those will win you 500x your coin stake if playing with one coin, play two and the win goes up another 500x to 1000x, however if all three coins are staked then you can win 2500x your coin stake so a definite incentive there, but simply be careful with your budget.

Other winning combinations don’t have that incentive to be betting with all the available coins. For example, three yellow 7’s will reward you with 80x, 160x or 240x your coin stake. The lowest wins are for one love heart, that gives you either 2x,4x or 6x your coin stake, but that does help keep the account balance ticking over.

The control buttons are down the bottom of the screen. Once the coin range has been selected you can press the Bet One button to choose to play either one or two coins. If you want to play all three coins, just press ‘Bet Max’ and good luck. It’s also possible to set some automated spins in expert mode.

Final Words

There’s no bonus game or wild here which will disappoint a few of you. It has a good look too it but the theme could have been adhered to a little bit more. The top prize is well worth winning but mind that budget of yours.