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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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In normal circumstances, I think the last suggestion I’d make to you is to try and take some money from a Mafia boss. That tends to end with you becoming part of a motorway bridge or facing a watery fate you won’t escape from.

However, ‘Don Deal’ is a different story because this is an excellent three-reel slot from Microgaming who put out some excellent games. You can try your luck on this game and if your luck is in, could walk away with a fantastic £8000 top prize, so go on, give this game a go.

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Mafia Madness

Microgaming certainly do their best to satisfy everyone when it comes to producing slot games. They excel in complicated five-reel games with brilliant animation and bonus games. Then, they take a look back in time and produce some superb three-reel games which are rather basic but show that these retro style games can be extremely entertaining.

With it being a three-reel game almost everything is on the one screen. It’s done well because at no point do you look at the screen and think to yourself that it looks cluttered. The striking image in this game is the Don himself.

Now not for a moment would I fancy getting on the wrong side of this guy. He has a big smile on his face and is smoking a cigar and not a cheap one I bet. A fair bit of jewellery is being worn too and you might be able to afford some too if getting big wins playing this slot. To his right are loads of green dollar bills and coins, a few of them could be heading in your direction too.

Don Delight

The all-important reels are in the left-hand corner of the screen above the Don. Just the three reels and only the one pay-line. You’ll be used to playing five-reel games with lots of pay-lines but this is still an entertaining and exiting game to play.

The symbols are basic but do their job well. They are the usual suspects (most the Don’s friends are suspects I guess) with the cherries, single, double and triple bars and red 7’s. The most important symbol isn’t the Don (I’m not telling him) but the dollar bills and coins.

Wild About Money

That cash symbol can definitely help you win some of your own. It’s not just the highest paying symbol (more about that in a moment) but the wild symbol. That’s a modern feel to the game and it can certainly boost your account balance. It can substitute for all of the other symbols in the game but that’s not all the good news. You see, when one wild symbol helps get you a winning combination, that win is doubled. Two wilds getting you a win means the win is quadrupled, so keep an eye out for it.

Playing the game isn’t that cheap to be fair the minimum coin range is €0.25 but if you want to win the top prize it must be €0.50. The maximum cost of playing is €100. Simply work out a budget and make sure financial worries don’t arise.

Unlike in games such as ‘Cutesy Pie,’ there’s no incentive to play with two coins as all the prizes are simply doubled if the extra coin is played. No bonuses for the top prize which is a bit disappointing. The top prize for getting three of the cash pile symbols is 800x your coin stake for one coin played and 1600x for two coins.

If you want a break from the screen or just don’t want to be pressing the buttons all the time, go into expert mode. This allows you to set an autoplay of either of either five or ten automated spins. Alternatively, you can set your own figure and allow the automated spins to stop when a certain balance is reached or a certain level win comes along.

Don Decision

The addition of a wild symbol will help get you some good wins here. It’s a decent theme and reasonably well adhered to. Worth a play.

Final Words

There’s no bonus game or wild here which will disappoint a few of you. It has a good look too it but the theme could have been adhered to a little bit more. The top prize is well worth winning but mind that budget of yours.