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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Here’s another Microgaming slot that pays homage to the three-reel games that used to dominate amusement arcades and pubs up and down the country. Double Whammy doesn’t have the greatest theme the world has ever seen, but it’s still an entertaining game to play.

It’s a diamond themed game, not quite sure where the ‘Wammy’ bit comes into it really. Perhaps they just ran out of names because there are a fair few diamond themed games in the Microgaming catalogue.

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Diamond Delight

Microgaming certainly do like putting out these three-reel games. They do present some players with the chance to remember the days when slot games were nowhere near as complex as they are now. ‘Diamond Wammy’ is a fairly straightforward game that won’t take too long to work out how to play.

That makes ‘Double Wammy’ an ideal game to play if you’re not that experienced at playing slot games. A gentle introduction playing a game that’s not going to be too confusing and still very enjoyable to play.

As is always the case with these three-reel slot releases from Microgaming, they are attractive to look at. Everything is packed onto the one screen with the all-important reels in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

As well as just having the three reels, there is just the one pay-line. You’ll be used to playing with a lot more than that in the five-reel games that Microgaming so successfully produce. At least you can work out where the pay-line is which isn’t the case when playing with as many as 50 pay-lines.

The symbols in this game hark back to the days when three-reel games were King. There’s the cherries, single, double and triple bars and red 7’s. The top paying symbol is the Double Wammy logo which contains two diamonds.

Multiplying Diamonds

There may not be any bonus game in this slot but at least there’s a wild. It’s the Double Wammy logo and it can substitute for the other symbols to hopefully get you some winning combinations. Not quite all because one cherries can get you a win but If just one wild ends up on the single pay-line, it can’t substitute for the cherries to get you some cash.

That’s one little bit of bad news but the opposite applies to the fact that if one wild creates a winning combination, that win is doubled. If two do the job for you, that win is quadrupled.

The Double Wammy logo is seen underneath the reels and it has a striking look to it that adds to the pleasure of playing this game. Golden and red colours for the wording with a blue background.

The paytable is visible on the right-hand corner of the screen and has all the information you need about how much each winning combination pays. The coin range in this game goes from €0.25 to €5. You have to decide whether to play one, two or three coins and this determines how much you can win. If you want to get your hands on the jackpot, you have to be playing with three coins on that spin. The minimum cost of doing that therefore is €0.75 and the maximum €15.

The incentive is there to do that because three of the Double Wammy logos pays 800x your coin stake if playing one coin, 1600x with two coins but an increased amount of 2500x if playing with three. It’s just a case of working out how much you can afford to spend on each game. Other winning combinations don’t  have that incentive. Three red 7’s pay either 80x, 160x or 240x your coin stake.

If you want a break from the screen, perhaps to look up the price of diamonds after a big win, use the autoplay feature. You have to be playing in expert mode to be able to use this. Either set 5x or 10x automated spins or set your own figure. If you need some help understanding the rather straightforward rules, just click on the Help button.

In Conclusion

Another of the entertaining three-reel slot releases from Microgaming. More emphasis on just spinning the reels and hoping for a win. The theme isn’t the greatest around but the game has a good look to it. The addition of a wild certainly helps you get some good wins so this is well worth playing.