Flo’s Diner Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Now here’s a game that is great to play but it’s likely to make you feel rather peckish. If you are going to play ‘Flo’s Diner’ then it might be a good idea to have something to eat before you do so.

Then again, you have the chance to win some big cash prizes and can afford a slap-up meal. Yes, even from that posh restaurant down the High Street that serves small portions at exorbitant prices.

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What’s Your Order?

This is another of the rather straightforward three-reel slots that Microgaming have released. It won’t take you an age to work out how to play the game but you will have some fun spinning the reels and hopefully getting some good wins.

Its theme is one of those American diners you always get to see in road movies. Flo is your waitress and serves up some tasty dishes in this game. For a change, this three-reel game does a great deal to adhere to its theme.

That’s not usually the case with these three-reel slot releases. Often there’s just the one symbol that is theme-related with the rest being the traditional bars, 7’s, bells and cherries. Not so this time though as there’s the waitress (who does look a bit like a witch), an ice cream packed with calories and doughnuts (ditto). There’s also the single bar symbol so the theme-related ones certainly dominate this game. It’s good to see the game playing up to its theme and the image of Flo with that calorie filled ice cream is a striking one that’s going to get you in the mood to play this Microgaming slot.

Serve Up a Big Win

All the action is on the one screen for this game. It’s as simple as they come but if you click on the Help button that does give you details of the rules of the game. The reels are in the top left-hand corner of the screen, just the three of them with those simple but effective symbols and just the one pay-line.

The large image of Flo is underneath and the right-hand side of the screen is dominated by the colourful looking paytable. That gives you the details of all the winning combinations and how much they pay out.

The control buttons are down the bottom of the screen. With just the one pay-line, there’s no decision to be made on how many to play. The only decisions you do have to make is the coin range. As is the case for many of their three-reel games the coin range is from €0.25 to €5. The next job you have is to decide how many coins to play on each spin of the reels and this will determine how much you win. To be able to win the top prizes in this game, you must be playing all three coins. That makes a minimum cost of €0.75 and the maximum €15 so not one for the high rollers. The top win is €1200 so still a welcome dish. It’s easy to set how many coins you want to play. Just press the Bet One button or if playing all three, go for the Bet Max button.

Flo’s Fancy

You need to get three of the waitress symbols to win the top prize of 2400x your coin stake but that’s with all three coins in play. With two the win is 1600x and just one wins you 800x, still a decent win. Other big wins include 50x, 100x or 150x for three ice creams and 20x, 40x and 60x for three doughnuts (hungry yet?).

There’s no wild in this game which is a tad disappointing. We’re used to there not being any bonus games in this kind of game, but a wild symbol does often make an appearance.

The game can be played in regular or expert mode. With the expert mode, it’s possible to set an autoplay. That’s handy if needing some time away from the screen, probably to pop in the kitchen to get a snack.

Final Portion

It’s good to see the theme well adhered to, it certainly adds to the enjoyment of the game. The lack of a wild symbol or bonus game is a bit disappointing but there are still plenty of reasons to be playing this game, especially if you can tuck into the top prize.