Flower Power Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Take a trip back to the 1960s when the peace movement was in full flow. Hopefully the movement you’ll make is to the bank to cash in some wins.

If you can remember the 1960s then that’s rather disappointing really because you couldn’t have been doing what most people were up to. It was a decade of taking drugs galore and even the most stoned person was still in shock when England won the World Cup. It was also an era when there was a yearning for love and peace. Most people certainly got a fair bit of love and their neighbours probably wanted some peace what with all that music being played.

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Peace Man!

‘Flower Power’ takes its name from the peace movement that started in the USA as protests were made against the Vietnam War. Then it became linked with the hippy movement but that was then and now it’s just an entertaining slot release from Microgaming.  More power to you if the game can bring you a string of decent wins.

This is another of the Microgaming slot releases that has three reels rather than the five you’re probably used to trying and get wins on. It brings back a few memories of the 1960s when three-reel games were the norm before technical advances meant the games could become a lot more advanced.

The game has just the three pay-lines for you to get some wins on. As you might imagine with a title such as ‘Flower Power’ there’s a real hippy feel to the game and you might wonder if you’ve had one too many drinks. There’s a purple background that has several floating daisies and the rather large ‘Flower Power’ logo. Also down at the bottom of the screen you can see the ‘Flower Power is Wild’ sign and as you’ll read that is definitely good news for anyone playing the game. Eagle eyed viewers of the game will also notice that there’s the CND logo hidden away in the ‘O’ of Power.

That’s the benefit of just having the three reels as it gives a lot more space for designs etc. It also means that the paytable information can be fitted onto the right hand side of the screen.

Wild Flowers

The symbols in this game are attractive and theme-related. This includes a bright coloured flower on the bar, double bar and triple bar symbols. There’s a multi-coloured flower set on a gold background, the same style applies to the CND logo and we also get a Flower Power icon.

Now that final symbol really is important in this game. That’s because it’s the wild symbol in this game. That means it has the (flower) power to substitute for other symbols in the game. By doing that hopefully it’ll get you some good winning combinations to boost that account balance of yours. You’ll be delighted when that happens and even happier if three of them end up on an activated pay-line. If that happens on the first pay-line, then you receive 1500x your line bet If that trio of Flower Power symbols are seen on the second pay-line then that’s 3000x your line bet. The big prize is 5000x if those three symbols are on the third pay-line. Now of course this is a sneaky way of trying to get you to activate all the pay-lines on each spin of the reel.

How much will that cost? Well the minimum amount you have to stake to be playing all three pay-lines is €0.75 and the maximum cost is €15. Just work out how much you can safely afford to stake and enjoy the game without any impending financial disasters.

Sadly, the wild is the nearest you’ll get to a bonus in this game. That’s the case with these three-reel slot releases from Microgaming. There are still some good wins to be had in this game so don’t let that put you off

Flower Finale

This is another enjoyable slot from Microgaming that can keep you entertained for a while. It has a great look to it and definitely plays up well to its theme. The lack of a bonus game might put off some of you but that’s what you expect from this style of game. The top prize is well worth chasing and if you’re new to playing slot games then this will be ideal for you.