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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The Americans love baseball don’t they? It’s never totally caught on in the UK, perhaps we just wonder why they hold the World Series when all the teams in it seem to come from the USA or Canada. Whatever your view of baseball, if you can win some money on this slot from Microgaming you might just love it a little bit more.

‘Hot Shot’ has a total of five reels with three rows of symbols and just the nine pay-lines to try and win some cash on. Even though there’s only nine pay-lines you can still have the choice of just how many you want to play on each spin of the reels.  The cost of playing ranges from £0.25 for one pay-line activated (€2.25 if activating all of them at minimum stake) and £18. That maximum figure isn’t going to be thrilling the high-rollers our there.

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A Diamond Game

The game has a great look to it and the crowd noises really add to the attraction of playing the game. Symbols put across well just what it’s like to attend a baseball game. I still keep thinking of ‘The Naked Gun’ movie to be honest, no sign of the Queen here though. Instead we get hot dogs, popcorn, french fries, sweets and coffee. People must really put on weight watching this game. Also there’s baseball caps, a Strike symbol, silhouettes of pitchers and batters and a Home Run symbol. A fair few then and it’s good that they are all theme-related and no sign of any playing card symbols or  fruit.

The top paying symbol here is the Home Run symbol. If you can get five of those on an activated pay-line then that wins you 1000x your line bet.  That will really get you celebrating and baseball really will become your favourite game even if it does seem to go on forever.

Wild on Fire

The wild symbol in ‘Hot Shot’ is the baseball on fire. Guess that really was a hot shot. You’ll be wanting to see a lot of the wild symbol as it can substitute for other symbols to get you winning combinations. It’s always so frustrating when you’re one away from a good win so hopefully the wild will come to your rescue and boost your account balance. It’s unable to sub for the trophy symbol which is the scatter in this game.

The scatter is another helpful symbol as it can get you wins by appearing anywhere on the reels. That means wins can crop up even if you just activated one pay-line. Five of them gets you 100x your total bet so look out for that scatter. Even better is the fact that if you get a win on a pay-line and a scatter win too, then both are paid out.

Playing the game is pretty straightforward but have a look through the paytable anyway.  Lots of information about the game there and that, along with a few free games will have you bursting with knowledge about ‘Hot Shot.’

There’s a regular and expert mode for this game as there is in many a Microgaming release.  The only real difference is when it comes to autoplays. In expert mode you can either just set five or ten automated spins if you want. Alternatively you can just press the autoplay button and set a more precise number and that means you can have the autoplays cease when your account reaches a certain level or you get a win you want to keep.

Where’s the Baseball Bonus?

Sadly there aren’t any bonus games in this slot which is a bit disappointing and rather ruined the game for me. Just why this is the case is a mystery, surely they could have thrown in a random bonus of some sort or a quick pick ’em game.

Final Words

The lack of a bonus game does put a bit of a downer on the game. It looks good, the soundtrack is impressive and the theme well adhered to. It’s not a game for high-rollers though and there could have been a few more features added to the game. There are still some good prizes to be won though, so still worth a play.