Jewel Thief Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You better make sure that safe of yours is locked up safe and sound. You certainly don’t want to be losing all your precious jewels because there’s a jewel thief about and he’s after everything he can get his hands on.

The same will apply to you when playing this retro slot from Microgaming. It’s another of their popular three-reel games that takes you back in time to when games weren’t quite as complicated as they are now.

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Lock Up Your Jewels

‘Jewel Thief’ is a three-reel game that has a total of three horizontal pay-lines. It’s going to bring back lots of memories for those of you who have been playing slot games for a fair while now.

Being a three-reel game it means all the action can be presented on the one screen. This is done without making the screen look cluttered. The look of the game is a good one and the theme is well adhered to.

Down the bottom left-hand corner of the screen is the image of a rather happy jewel thief. There’s a big safe that has just been opened and the jewel thief has a big smile on his face. If there’s CCTV anywhere near he’s in big trouble as he hasn’t even bothered to put a mask on to protect his identity.

The reels for this game are directly above the Jewel Thief logo. The symbols contained are rather basic, none of the flashy animation you get to see in the more technically advanced slot games that are produced by Microgaming.

Three of the symbols are theme-related which is good to see. There’s the Jewel Thief logo and the hand on the safe carefully working out the combination that will unlock it. Also there’s a diamond symbol  so the theme is really well adhered to. In addition to these symbols there are the single, double and triple bars. All looking rather colourful with the single bars in red, the double in blue and the triple in green.

A Popular Thief

The Jewel Thief logo is the symbol you’ll want to continually crop up on the reels. It’s the most valuable symbol (more about that in a moment) and also the wlld. It can substitute for all the other symbols in the game to help get you some winning combinations. Sadly, it doesn’t have a multiplier attached to it and there’s no bonus game for it to trigger.

The game is an easy one to play with all the operating symbols down at the bottom of the screen. You can use the + or – buttons to set your stake for each spin of the reels. The coin range goes from €0.25 up to €5. Once you have decided on the value of your coin, it’s necessary to decide just how many coins you want to be playing on the next spin. There’s the choice of either one, two or three to play. If you want to win the top prize in this slot then you have to go for three coins. That means the minimum cost is €0.75 and the maximum €15. Just work your own budget out and only gamble what you can afford to lose.

If you play one coin then the most you can win is 1500x if three of the Jewel Thief logos come along. If the win happens on the second pay-line with two coins in use, that win is 3000x and three of the Jewel Thief logos on the third pay-line pays a whopping 6000x your coin stake.

Other wins in the game don’t depend on how many coins you play. For three of the diamond symbols you win 500x your coin stake and it’s 300x for the three of the safe symbols. Three triple bars win you 100x so that’s worth looking out for too.

It’s also possible to set an autoplay feature. That can only be done if you’re playing in expert mode. You have the option of setting your own number of automated spins or just 5x or 10x.

Jewel Joy?

There’s certainly plenty of fun to be had playing this game. It has a great look to it and the theme is an enjoyable one and well presented. The top win is certainly worth getting your hands on. You can go out and buy some jewels of your own, just make sure you keep them.