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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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As far as slot games are concerned, they can often be very much alike in terms of their interface and general game play. Then again, they do all have the same basis for what’s being presented. However, at other times, you’ll find that some of these games step outside of that box to provide a little twist on the generic product. LotsALoot from Microgaming doesn’t stray too far away from the norm, but instead incorporates a progressive jackpot into its game play, making it that much more compelling to play. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the thought of bringing in some big bucks? As such, you’ll find that the screen of this game is designed in a very simple way, relating to the classic machines of this genre. And like most of the games within the traditional sector, it doesn’t really include many special features, but when you have a progressive jackpot to try and win, this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

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Can You Bag Yourself Lots of Loot?

The interface of this one is presented on a very generic five reel and three row layout, and it’s upon this familiar layout that you’re able to see the various different symbols. These start with the often seen icons of A, J, K, Q and 10, which are all fairly nicely designed in a standard way. Accompanying these, you’ve got several different icons relating to being lucky, such as the four leaf green clover and the large pot of gold situated at the end of the rainbow. Finally, joining these are two traditional slot machine symbols in the form of 7s and BARs. The remaining icon provides the game with one of its special features.

Joining this general layout and icons, you’ll find that Microgaming have added a total of 25 separate pay lines into this offering, but if you have a preference for adjusting this particular feature, you can do so by using the ‘Select Lines’ button, or by simply clicking on a number from one of the sides of the reels. Further alterations can be made when it comes to the amount of the wager you place per spin, and this is done by altering around the value of a single coin, which has a maximum level of $0.10, and if you have the full 25 bet lines active, this gives you a maximum overall wager amount of $2.50 per spin.

How Do You Win That Progressive?

There are a number of special features incorporated into this game, and the first of these is the wild icon. This is the game’s multi-coloured logo, and as a wild icon, this will stand in for any other on the reels in order to form a winning combination. Should you manage to spin five of these on to a winning pay line, you’ll be able to receive a maximum pay out of 10,000 coins. Conspicuous by its absence is a scatter symbol, so there isn’t one of these included in the product.

As far as the progressive jackpot is concerned, this is the only other special feature included within LotsALoot. In order to win this, you’ll need to spin the game’s wild symbol onto the 25th pay line five times from leftmost to right, and you’ll need to be playing with the maximum bet amount at the same time. The actual jackpot itself can be seen in the top left hand corner of the screen, and if the time should come when you do spin those all important icons onto the reels, you’ll receive the full amount as a pay out.

Is Luck on Your Side?

We all enjoy playing slot games, right? Why else would we all be here reading these reviews, after all? However, there are some games that really take our fancy, and others that fall by the way side. This one is somewhere in the middle for us, because while it does have the attraction of providing the jackpot, it doesn’t have nearly as many special additions as we enjoy playing in a game. However, on the whole, it is able to offer up a nicely designed game with some intriguing graphics and game play.