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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Holiday season is a season of plenty for online casinos. The heightened frenzy of visitors during this season is not just because people have cash and time to spare – it’s also because a number of much-awaited games are scheduled for release during this season. Microgaming, keeping up with that tradition, released an incredibly adorable game named Peek-A-Boo that befits the whole Halloween spirt so superbly that it makes us wonder ‘what took them so long to do this?’.

Peek-A-Boo is basically a ghostbuster game where you have to assist a cute, little lad aptly named Buster in finding, spotting and zapping a gang of friendly ghosts. In the process, as young Buster scores one ghost after another, you will be collecting precious coins, as long as you are riding your luck slow and steady!

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Ghosts and a Kid? What Gives?

We were thinking as much before reviewing Peek-A-Boo. Come Halloween, we expected Microgaming to design a super-spooky slot filled with horrible surprises that would get our blood curdling and our bones creaking. But on a totally opposite lane, Microgaming presented us with a slot that can best be described as a mild version of digital trick or treat.

What we thought was a disappointment soon turned out to be a pleasant surprise as Buster led us by hand and gave some lessons in bravery. After a few spins, and we never say this too often, Peek-A-Boo is going to get really, really difficult to not get addicted to!

What’s the Gameplay Like?

Definitely not childish!

With the overall outlook of the game, one could be forgiven to expect the gameplay to be quite childish and low-flying. But again, Microgaming peeks a boo on you by providing some pretty cool winning percentages. Although you can wager only $1 per spin, a cool jackpot of $8,000 (max) is good enough to lay the ghosts of wagers to rest.

The base game is fairly straightforward. There are 3 reels (with 3 rows each) and 40 paylines that you will have to get started with. Of course, 40 paylines are enough to have access to a strong collection of possible combinations.

But hold your horses, good sir – for the time for celebration lies a mile ahead.

An easy to catch theme and likeable characters – even the gang of ghosts – are the biggest strengths of this slot. Add to it minimal sound effects and quick fixes of twists-in-the-tale, and you have a perfect concoction of a good gameplay and nice looks.

Free Spins and Paylines That Go on Forever

If you thought 40 paylines provide you a good chance to get ahead of your luck, read this.

With the Free Spin Bonanza, the bonus round on top of the base game, you can unlock up to 13 (unlucky number, uh huh!) free spins that can be used to generate cash on every ghost you zap for Buster!

What’s more, the number of paylines goes up and up as you enter the free spin round until you have a cool – wait for it – 1,024 paylines to play with.

With 1,024 paylines, as you can imagine, all you have to do is strike a combination. This is virtually like playing with fixed ways of winning – only that there are unlimited ways available to you.

Before we forget, let us tell you how this round can be unlocked. All you have to do is zap ten ghosts of each colour – pink, orange, green and blue.

More About Symbols

The high paying symbols here are all ghosts, while the low paying symbols are various Halloween related items like candies and costumes.

The wild of the slot is – as usual – the logo of the game (reel 4 and reel 5). In the base game, you can stack the wild as high as 12 symbols, meaning that you can win over 2,000 coins just by stacking these wilds.

The Spooky Reels Feature of this slot is triggered when you strike a combo of three or more symbols of any kind. This allows you to spin the fourth and/or fifth reel once again, to see if it further strikes more combinations!

What We Think

Peek-A-Boo is basically a fun slot where you can have some innocuous Halloween-spirited fun without getting carried away. Of course, you cannot look at it as a legit coin-minting cow because it just isn’t!

Some people might think that it’s a touch low on graphics, but that’s to be expected, given the theme of the slot. The feature that stands out, however, is the Free Spin Bonanza feature that can help you play with over 1,000 paylines – and just to check that out, you must be brave enough to say ‘I See You’.