Samurai 7’s Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Microgaming produce some excellent slot games regardless of how many reels the game possesses. This time around we go back in time to an era when the Samurai Warrior was feared by all. You won’t be scared in the slightest though if managing to get a big win in the Samurai 7’s slot game.

Now you certainly wouldn’t fancy having a Samurai Warrior heading in your direction with one of those enormous swords of theirs.  They do make a good theme for a slot game though and even though this isn’t a complicated five-reel game its still well adhered to.

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Just what is a Shuriken?

The symbols in this game are rather basic. The actual reels are in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Two of them are theme-related, that’s the dragon and the Shuriken. The latter may sound like some creature you might find in a Japanese legend but it’s the name of the Japanese fighting star. You don’t want one of those coming your way either as it’s a star-shaped blade that’s going to do you no good at all.  Other symbols in the game are the single, double and triple bars and the red 7’s.

It’s the red 7’s rather than one of the Japanese themes that is the most important symbol in this game. As you’ll soon read, it’s the top paying symbol in this game. It’s also the wild and can substitute for other symbols to get you some winning combinations.

These three-reel games don’t go in for complication. Everything is just so simple and straightforward. No need to be spending ages looking through the rules of the game as you do the more complex five-reel games. There is a rules page though if you do want to check everything, just click on the help button down the bottom of the screen.

Red 7’s to the Fore

Basically, with this game it’s just a case of choosing your stake (one that you can afford to lose) and then spin those reels and hope lady luck is shining in your direction.  When it does come to choosing how much you are going to stake on each spin of the reels, there is an important consideration to bear in mind. The coin range in this game goes from €0.25 to €25. Unlike some of the three-reel slot games that Microgaming produce, this one has three pay-lines rather than the one you used to have back when playing this kind of games in the amusement arcades.

You therefore must choose how many of the pay-lines to activate and this has a large bearing on how much you might win but only with the top prize in the game. If you look at the paytable that dominates the right-hand side of the screen you’ll see at the top the winnings for getting three of the red 7’s which are the top paying symbol in ‘Samurai 7’s.’

If you activate one pay-line and that gets three red 7’s you’ll win 1500x your coin stake. If two are activated and the three red 7’s come up on the second pay-line your win is 3000x, however activate all three and you can win a lot more. Three red 7’s on the third pay-line win you 6000x your coin stake. That means there is an incentive to bet max and the minimum cost of doing that is €0.75 and the maximum €75.

It’s only the top win that is affected by the number of pay-lines you activate. The other wins in this game are fixed amounts. Three dragons on any pay-line win you 300x your coin stake and three of the Shuriken symbols win you 500x. The lowest paying symbol is three of any type of bar and that still gives you a healthy 5x win.

It might upset you there’s no free spins or second screen games. Don’t let that put you off playing this game as it still has those big wins and if one of those comes your way, the lack of a bonus game will be the last thing on your mind.

In Conclusion

Another entertaining but simple three-reel slot from Microgaming. The theme is a good one and the image of the Samurai Warrior underneath the symbols as he seems to slice some 7’s is attractive to look at. There’s no bonus game but the 6000x top prize is certainly well worth chasing. Definitely worth a play.