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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Get your dancing shoes out because the music is going to start and it could be a long night. The Gee Gees is another great slot from Microgaming and can get you some big wins.

Just imagine how much you will be dancing for joy when your account balance has a jackpot win heading in its direction. That’s definitely a possibility with this game having plenty of winning opportunities.

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Dance Yourself Dizzy

Ok I admit this wasn’t quite when I was expecting when reading the title of this Microgaming slot. After reviewing ‘Sure Win’, I thought to myself, ‘here’s another horse racing game.’ You can imagine my surprise when discovering that actually it’s a disco dancing theme.

So, what on earth is ‘The Gees Gees’ about then I hear you ask? Well, it’s a take-off of The Beegees who recorded the massively successful soundtrack for ‘Saturday Night Fever.’ In the 1970s that got us all wearing terrible white suits and kidding ourselves we could dance like John Travolta when it’s more like a combination of Ed Balls and John Constable on Strictly.

The game is based in a nightclub and is one of Microgaming’s many three-reel slots. It has a very different look to most of their other releases though. Others stick to the formula of the reels and logo on the left-hand side of the screen and the paytable on the right. It’s a bit different here with

Catch Night Fever

This may be set in a disco but there are horses in it. I don’t know what the designer of this was on when coming up with the idea of this game but I wouldn’t mind some of it. We get to see a dancer in that white suit but it just happens to be a horse. No I haven’t been drinking, it really is a horse, hence another reason for this game being called ‘The Gees Gees.’

Symbols in this slot include plenty of fruit and those that will be familiar to people who have been playing slots for a fair while. There are cherries, single, double and triple bars and 7’s in blue and gold. You can mix the different coloured 7’s and still get a winning combination. Only 10x but it keeps the account balance ticking over nicely. This slot has just the one pay-line to try and get some wins on. The minimum cost of playing this is just €0.10 and the maximum you can bet on one spin is €10.

Despite there being just the one pay-line in this slot but it does have some great features that can really get that account balance of yours climbing at a rate of knots. The graphics give the game a great look with the disco dance floor. It does look a bit cluttered though.

The soundtrack includes music from The Beegees rather than a group of singing horses. Some would say there’s little difference. Finding dancing ones isn’t too difficult it appears, singing ones are harder to find it seems. If you’re not a fan of the Bee Gees, then you can mute it.

The bonus feature is triggered when the disco ball appears on the pay-line. This isn’t the most complicated of games but it’s still a good idea to learn all the rules to it. Have some free games too and find out how all the features work. That’ll make you totally prepared to get on the dancefloor and start winning some cash.

Head to the Payout Trail

By accumulating numbers from the reel symbols, this gets you into the Payout Trail. Move along this and the amount you will win just keeps on climbing. If you get to the bonus square, then that takes you into the Reel Bonus features where there are more wins to be had.

It’s all a bit complicated to be fair so make sure you read the rules to the game and also have a few free games to see how everything works.

Final Furlong

An interesting theme for sure, horses dancing in a disco? This is one of the more complicated three-reel slot games from Microgaming. It does take a little bit of getting used to once you’ve stop laughing at the sight of it. The bonus game is an interesting one and there are some good wins to be had playing this, so give it a go.