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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You’ve just got to love the title to this three-reel slot from Microgaming. It’s not the first thing you think of when the Norse God of Thunder comes to mind. This is a great game to play though with lots of chances to get wins.

With a bonus game, nudges and hold features, this slot will have you thundering your way along and just watch your account balance rise.

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Thunder Time

I’ve been reading about the adventures of Thor for most of my life. Initially in the fantastic Marvel comics, sometimes the not so exciting tales read to us at school and now in the sensational movies that are always box office hits.

Getting the look of Thor right is never easy. I remember an appearance he made in an Incredible Hulk TV movie and he looked pretty rubbish like someone going out in the cold in a woolly suit. He certainly looks a bit strange in this slot and can be seen in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The expression on his face looks as if he’s just been electrocuted, perhaps Loki is up to no good as ever. He’s standing in front of a Viking longship with his girlfriend Jane.

Thor to the Rescue

The reels are situated in the centre of the screen, that’s not where they usually are in these three-reels Microgaming releases. Symbols include Thor’s hammer that only he can pick up, barrels of ale, lightning strikes, Thor of course, his blonde girlfriend and some Viking longships. There are also red 7’s, oranges and cherries. It’s great to see so many theme-related symbols. The minimum cost of playing this is €0.10 and the maximum €10.

The top win in this slot is 2000x your line bet. That’s paid out when you get three of the Thor symbols pop up on the pay-line. Other wins to look out for include 250x for three Jane symbols and 50x for three longships

This isn’t the most straightforward of games, surprising as it’s only a three-reel game. Make sure you do some research and check out all the rules to this game. Have some free games to build up the experience of this slot before putting some real cash in it.

Nudge Nudge

I used to have a great time with the nudge feature back in the day. Bending down and nearly doing my back in to see if those two nudges could get me a win. No need to do that here though but the nudges can get you some good wins. It comes into play when the nudges will create a winning combination. It kind of takes the fun out of it but a win is a win so I’ll stop my moaning.

Gamble or Not

When you get a winning combination, there’s the chance to increase that win via a gamble feature. These are always something to be a bit wary of. It’s great to increase a win but get it wrong and you can lose the win. At least here it’s a little bit different. It’s a 50/50 gamble and If you lose then along comes the opportunity to exchange the remaining win you have for the feature.

Click the ‘Exchange’ button to get into the ‘Exchange.’ On the left-hand side of the screen are a list of features and the nudges available are down at the bottom. In the centre, you will see the board that you have to move around and win prizes on.

There’s also a hold feature in this slot so it certainly brings back memories of days gone by. It doesn’t guarantee a win though but adds a bit more excitement to the next spin. These come along a fair bit and you can freeze one or more of the reels in the hope that the next spin will bring about a good win.

A Thundering Success?

It’s certainly a different take on the Thor character. No evil enemies in sight or a view of Asgard. For a three-reel game it does have a lot of features and chances to get good wins so that’s pretty welcome. It’s definitely worth giving a go even if it won’t remind you too much of the movies. Be careful with the gamble feature though. It is good to see a three-reel game that takes a bit of working out, they are usually pretty straightforward.