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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Sport always seems to be full of surprises but this slot from Microgaming takes that to a whole new level. Mice not just taking part but also, they seem to be pretty good at it considering the number of trophies they are winning.

This is a three-reel game with just the one pay-line but there are still plenty of chances to boost your account balance with some big wins.

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A Cheesy Story

The sport of athletics has produced many superstars over the years. Amazing athletes such as Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt, and Jessica Ennis-Hill. There’s been a distinct lack of superstar mice on our screens. Well that amazing lack of awareness for their spectacular talents has been corrected with this slot from Microgaming.

It’s a three-reel game and as in others such as ‘Thor Blimey’ and ‘The Umpire Strikes Back’, the reels are in the centre of the screen. That’s not always the case though with these Microgaming three-reel games. It’s a look you will be fairly familiar with though so that’s good but it’s not far off looking a bit cluttered.

The background to the game features the athletics stadium where a number of mice are busy trying to win athletics races. It doesn’t seem to be like greyhound racing though but at least the mice aren’t in a trap. No sign of a piece of cheese being in front of them to make them run faster, that may be introduced in the future perhaps.

The logo to the game is in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen featuring a jolly looking mouse with a big smile on his face. Underneath are gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Symbols in this game include just one that is theme-related which is three mice. We also get plenty of fruit with cherries, oranges, lemons, melons, and plums along with some bars. The game has just the one pay-line to win cash prizes on and the minimum cost of playing this slot is €0.10 and the maximum €10.


Every now and then, a game comes along that has something that’s very different. That’s definitely the case here as in the base game there are no cash prizes for you to win. No don’t stop reading this review, there’s better news on the way.

The target here is to get winning combinations of course but these are then exchanged for Winspins. It’s a bit like winning in the amusement arcade and being given tickets that can be exchanged for prizes. At the last count if I get another 4 million I can get an Xbox!

Anyway, Winspins are free spins that take place on a different reel, each one guarantees you a win and there’s the chance to get some tasty multipliers too. Get three mice on a pay-line to receive the top prize of 50 Winspins.
That different reels have symbols such as winged trainers, a stopwatch, an Olympic torch (they could compete in Mousecow, Russia) and of course some cheese This part of the game has three levels which are Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Give Me a Nudge

Remember the days when games had nudges and hold features. Well they are back in this game and can help get you winning combinations. Nudging down one reel might just be lucky for you and there’s also the option of repeat nudges (sounds like a Monty Python sketch) and you can even gamble nudges. Holds are also randomly awarded and if you think holding a reel or two can get you a win on the next spin, then go for it.

The features in this game continue with ‘Shifta’. If this word appears on the sign that is above the reels, the reels will rearrange themselves in such a way that you get a win. Also, there’s the Let ‘em Spin feature where you just press spin and get a win.

Final Lap

A bit of a strange game here. You definitely need to be looking through the rules because this is a bit complicated for a three-reel game. There are some interesting features and it is possible to get big wins if your luck is in, a bit like the mouse getting the cheese without getting caught in the trap. Give this a go for something a little bit different.