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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Here’s another three-reel game from Microgaming that will bring back many a memory of the kind of slot games that dominated the industry in days gone by. It may look rather basic but if the big wins starting rolling in your direction, is that something that’s going to be on your mind?

Microgaming are renowned for producing some sophisticated five-reel games with well-designed symbols and bonus games. That’s not what you get here in ‘Triple Magic.’ It’s a game that is entertaining enough and ideal for players who are new to slot games and want a gentle introduction.

The theme isn’t the greatest I’ve ever seen to be honest. It’s not much of one at all really, just the fact that getting triple symbols on the one pay-line this game has is going to be a rather magical experience, especially if it’s the blue star which is the top paying symbol here.

It’s a colourful game but don’t think that the word ‘magic’ in the title is going to be delivering a slot that has magicians and magic trips being shown because it doesn’t. It is a rather colourful game though with a blue background and the words ‘Triple Magic’ written in bright yellow with a red outline. A nice touch is that when you get a win, what look like bolts of lightning flash.

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The symbols are as basic as they come in this game. They do hark back to the games you may well have played in days gone by. We have that blue star but apart from that it’s just a cherry, a red 7, a single bar, double bar and triple bar.

The blue star is the most important symbol in this game. As you’ll soon read, it’s the highest paying symbol in ‘Triple Magic.’ Also, it’s the wild symbol and it can get you some big wins by substituting for all the other symbols in this game. When one blue star completes a winning combination, it triples the win, if two of them manage that feat then the resultant win is given a 9x multiplier.

You do have to decide your coin stake and how many to use on each spin of the reels. Not the hardest choice but it’s either one or two. Look at the paytable on the right-hand side of the screen and this shows you how much each of the wining combinations pay. For example, if you stake one coin and get three red 7’s you win 100x your coin stake. If two coins are used the win would be 200x.

Unlike some other Microgaming slots of this nature, the best win in this game doesn’t have any bonus. Sometimes the top win is more than double when the maximum coin is used but not so here. If you can get three blue stars, then this wins you 800x on one coin and 1600x for two. The minimum cost of playing and being able to win the top prize is €0.50 and the maximum $100. Simply work out a budget you can afford to play and enjoy the game.

Playing the game won’t cause you any problems at all. The main control buttons are down at the bottom of the screen. Setting your coin level isn’t difficult at all and when deciding how many coins to use on each spin of the reels, just press the ‘Bet One’ button or the ‘Bet Max’ one instead.

The game can be played in regular and expert mode. The difference being that in the expert mode it’s possible to set an autoplay feature. This can either be for just 5x or 10x automated spins or you could set a more precise number. Just click on the autoplay button and you can set a figure allowing the spins to stop if your balance reaches a certain level or you get a win you want to defend.

Magic or Not?

It’s not the greatest of games that Microgaming have ever produced. The theme could have been a lot better thought out. It is still entertaining though and the top prize is one that you’d certainly think magic if it came your way. The big wins that you can get thanks to the wild symbol are also a great touch so give it a go.