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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Traditional slot machine type games have recently made somewhat of a comeback, and there are quite a few available to access from a variety of different software providers. However, this one, entitled Win Spinner and offered up by Microgaming, presents the classic slot game on a bit more of a modern interface than what many others do. Although the graphics themselves are quite primitive in the sense that they don’t really match up to the products being released today, it’s still a game with its own sort of flair, and it takes place on a background which is filled with floating cash. Of course, what could be better incentive to spin the reels than seeing paper money flying around? As a classic online video slot, it features a fairly average soundtrack of sorts, although this actually adds to the retro appeal of it on the whole, and therefore, provides a more appropriate atmosphere.

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Oranges and Lemons!

It might seem fairly obvious to those players who enjoy spinning the reels of traditional slot machine games, but the symbols included on this three reel product are generally speaking all quite classic images as well. Therefore, you’ll find that there’s the inclusion of cherries, lemons and oranges as the initial three icons. These are joined by the icon of a plum, which is also joined by the retro bell symbol. Finally, the watermelon makes the highest paying fruit-related symbol, while the one that outranks all the rest is that of what appears to be a fan duct, but is in fact a coin. As noted, these aren’t designed with the best quality graphics, but it’s easy enough to see what each of them are.

While there are three different reels incorporated, there’s also the addition of just a single pay line, which, of course, cannot be altered in any way. However, you do have the option of altering the wager you place per spin, and this is done by adjusting the value of a single coin between $0.10 and $10 per round. Due to the fact that there’s only a single bet line incorporated, you’re able to use the spin button as soon as you’ve chosen the wager amount.

Traditional Specialities

This game doesn’t work in the same way as your regular kind of slot game, as whenever you match up three of the same symbol, it doesn’t pay out cash prizes. Instead, it offers up WinSpins, which is basically this game’s version of freespins. It works in the following way:

  • 3 Cherry icons provides a single WinSpin
  • 3 Lemon icons provide two WinSpins
  • 3 Orange icons provide three WinSpins
  • 3 Plum icons provide five WinSpins
  • 3 Bell icons provide 10 WinSpins
  • Watermelon icons provide 15 WinSpins
  • 3 Coin icons provide 25 WinSpins

During the freespins rounds, you’ll have a chance to win cash value prizes. The round is played on a different gaming screen, and it features a different set of three reels with five pay lines incorporated. It’s here that you’ll find various new symbols in the form of magnums of champagne, wads of cash, speedboats, private jets, Ferraris and huge mansions.

The only other extras included in the game are the visible nudge and hold buttons. These are fairly self explanatory, as they’re incorporated into traditional slot machines found in land-based casinos as well, so they’ve been around in games for a long time.

However, there’s even more specialities added into it, such as the Shifta and Let’em Spin bonus rounds. The first of these is awarded at random after a spin which doesn’t result in a win. This turns the unlucky spin into a winning one, holding one of the reels and shifting the other two until a win is reached. The second of them is also triggered randomly whenever two matching symbols are displayed on the pay line following a round of nudges. This will allow you to spin the reels for a random winning combination to be formed.

Small but Filled

The design of this game is very much what you’d expect from a traditional slot machine, but where others tend to fall a bit flat on the wayside, Win Spinner actually has buckets of entertainment stuffed into it to make it more appealing. The plethora of special features are what make it just as, if not more so, compelling than a modern day standard video slot.