Witches Wealth Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Why should the witches have all the wealth? Play this slot from Microgaming and hopefully the wins will come along to make you have some wealth of your own.

The minute that you see this game you’ll be impressed with it. It’s simply stunning and the only real disappointment is that there is no backdrop to the game. If there had been that would have made it look even more special.

This is a five-reel game that features Serena the Witch and her cat Mr Twinkles. Not quite the magical names someone like Roald Dahl or J K Rowling would come up with. The game has three rows of symbols and nine pay-lines hopefully ready to get you some wins. You don’t have to play all of those pay-lines so the choice of how many are activated is entirely down to you.

If you decide it’s best to really go for it and activate all the pay-lines but at minimum coin stake, then that’ll set you back just €0.09. The maximum cost is €45, not a bad range so finding a level to play at won’t be too hard a task.

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Serena and Her Cat!

The symbols are all theme-related in this game which is always good to see. We get to see a jar that is full of eyeballs (I don’t see the point of that), a gold cap that is full of diamond studs, a bowl containing some powder that is bound to end up doing something magical, an old witch, some vials, an owl (almost compulsory in a game with this theme) and a book of spells (ditto).

The wild symbol is Serena the Witch, well she’d probably turn you into a toad if she wasn’t and she can really work her magic by substituting for other symbols to get you some good wins. Five of these wild symbols on an active pay-line rewards you with 6000x your line bet. Her cat is a bonus symbol in this game and there’s also the bat which is the scatter symbol and can also bring you some good wins.

There’s a fair bit happening in this game so have a good look at the pay-table. Any questions you have about how the game works will be answered there. Also have some free games to see how everything works. Always handy as it means you can get the bonus game activated without having to pump real cash in. You can play this game in regular mode or activate some autoplays in expert mode.

Spin that Wand

Not one but two bonus games here and Mr Twinkles, that adorable little pussycat will be loved by you even more. That’s because this symbol plays a key part in triggering both of the bonus games.

We start off with the Spinning Wand Bonus Game. To trigger this, you need four Mr Twinkles on an active pay-line. Once triggered you have to use the Start button to spin the wand and it’ll reveal a cash prize before taking you back to the base game.

Get Ready for a Flying Rescue

With a bit of luck, you’ll end up on the bonus spot and rather than going back to the base game you’ll go into the Flying Rescue Bonus Game That’s not the only way you can get into that bonus game. If the Spinning Wand doesn’t trigger it, then you’ll have to rely on getting five Mr Twinkles on an active pay-line.

Two ways of getting into this bonus game though and it’s well worth a visit. You see a balcony that has Serena on the left and Mr Twinkles on the right. The witch has the job of flying, grabbing Mr Twinkles and going home while dodging clocks and pianos. It’s a bit like a magical version of Gladiators really. The further she gets the more you win and less chance of an RSPCA arrest.

In Conclusion

It’s an interesting game for sure is ‘Witches Wealth.’ The look of the game is superb and the theme is brilliantly adhered to. The bonus games are a bit different and it’s a change to see something else apart from free spins. The fact that the bonus games are reliant on the pay-lines does mean you’re better off activating as many of them as you can but just stick to your budget.