The growth of mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is growing at a rate of knots. Every day consumers continue to download games to their phones, with millions of people across the globe experiencing the thrill of gaming on their smartphones. Let's take a look at the numbers behind the rise of mobile gaming.

$25bn in 2014
$30.6bn in 2015 +22%
$38.8bn in 2016 +27%
$46.2bn in 2017 +19%

(Newzoo source)

Growth in number of users in the last 5 years IN U.S.
Mobile vs. TABLET VS. PC AND Console



PC and Console

Mobile vs. PC vs. Console




growth in number of new titles released
Mobile vs. PC vs. Console


72,530 in 2014
172,100 in 2015
235,000 in 2016
152,180 in 2017

Phone Icon


1580 in 2014
3000 in 2015
4650 in 2016
3400 in 2017

Desktop Icon


360 in 2014
400 in 2015
730 in 2016
520 in 2017

Console Icon

gamer demographics 2017

The average mobile gamer
has at least 2 devices
(1 smartphone and 1 tablet)

North America

146 million

Female Male Ratio

48% female / 52% male

North America Chart Tablet Mobile Ratio

38% tablet / 71% smartphone


212 million

Female Male Ratio

46% female / 54% male

Europe Chart Tablet Mobile Ratio

24% tablet / 63% smartphone


224 million

Female Male Ratio

43% female / 57% male

Korea/Japan/China Chart Tablet Mobile Ratio

41% tablet / 84% smartphone

2017 Games

Angry Birds Logo

Daily revenue estimates – $1,598
Daily install estimates – 17,065

Mobile Strike Logo

Daily revenue estimates – $133,769
Daily install estimates – 13,870

Clash of Clans Logo

Daily revenue estimates – $434,388
Daily install estimates – 29,728

Candy Crush Saga Logo

Daily revenue estimates – $1,655,996
Daily install estimates – 33,587

case study - flappybird and pokemon go

Flappy Bird Logo

Advertising revenue equivalent to $18m per year on an annualised basis
(Source: The Verge)

50 million downloads by January 2014
(Source: BBC)

68,000 reviews in app stores
(Source: Zach Will)

No. 1 free game in app stores in 53 countries
(Source: Mashable)

Flappy Bird founder Twitter account got 148k followers
(Source: Twitter)

Pokemon Go Logo

Total number of downloads – 100 million
(by August 8th, Google Play market only)

Total revenue – $268 million
(by August 12st)

Average revenue DAU – $0.25

Percentage of iOS users that do in-app purchases – 80%

Daily Active Users – 20+ millions

Time Android users spend with the game daily – 43 minutes

Three-day retention – more than 60%

Gender female vs. men split percentage – 40/60

The App Store rankings – 3 stars

Google Play rankings – 3.2 stars

the future...

Why is Mobile Gaming so Popular?

Quality Increase
Free Game

Predicted trends for future games includes:


Dedicated just to mobile gaming

Multiplayer And Social

Connect to friends and play with them

Virtual reality

VR is becoming popular on all gaming platforms

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