Mobile Slots

Mobile casinos are the big growth area in the industry at the moment, and the advent of smart technology has made it possible to transfer popular online slot games to mobile platforms.

It wasn’t so many years ago that players could only get their fix by visiting a land-based gambling establishment to play their favourite games. Going to a casino in the past wasn’t just about gambling, but about the whole experience, the sights and the sounds, and the atmosphere of the gaming floor. The internet changed all that, and many players now prefer the convenience of playing at home, without having to go to the expense of travelling.

The Online Boom

In fact, online games have boomed over the last ten years, as more players than ever before from all over the world have access to online sites, and game developers have been quick to use the extra benefits of complex software and networking to create immersive game experiences, online progressive jackpots, and a host of entertaining new features. Smart technology has led to the availability of gaming on mobile devices and tablets, and most of us who own a smartphone will know how easy it is to connect to the internet and download apps and software for the device. Online operators have taken advantage of this new technology to develop purpose-built mobile casino platforms which offer players the ultimate convenience of playing whenever and wherever they like.

Mobile Casino Software

The first early online casinos required you to download software to your desktop, and install the software before you could play the game. This is continuing to change with Flash and HTML5 based instant play games, but many mobile platforms follow the same format and require you to download an app to your phone or tablet. This is a relatively quick process and once the app is downloaded and installed, you can access your account and favourite games just as you normally would on a computer. If you don’t already have an account with an online site, it’s very simple to set up a new account via your device, and many sites actually offer mobile-only bonuses and promotions to encourage users to download the software.

These dedicated mobile apps are designed to fit the smaller mobile or tablet screens, and they utilise touchscreen technology to great effect. A swiping action is required to spin the reels, and all interaction with the game screen is via touch. This creates a much more engaging experience than clicking with a mouse and it’s no surprise that lots of people are turning to mobile devices as their favourite way of playing slots. If you choose to download software, make sure you check our casino reviews first to make sure that you are downloading an app from a reputable source that will be free of malware. Some app stores don’t host gambling apps due to rules on gambling, so most apps are downloaded directly from the casino’s website, which you can access via the web-browser on your device and download from there.

Instant Play/No Download Games

Moving forward from mobile casinos which require you to download an app, developers are now introducing games which are Flash or HTML5 based. These games simply run in your web-browser and do not require any download to play them. If you check out our free slots section, you’ll find plenty of Flash-based games that you can try for free online without downloading any software or signing up. Of course, the same is true about their real money counterparts. The advantage of these types of games is that they can be played anywhere you have a mobile device and an internet connection. The majority of mobile sites are seamlessly linked to their online counterpart, so you can access your usual account without the need to re-register or input your details again.

Android Slots

Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile phones and tablets, and as it supports Flash-based games, both types of mobile slot are easily accessible from an Android device. Apps are quick to download and very easy to delete on Android devices, and finding a compatible casino should never be a problem. As Android also supports Flash games, these types of slot can be easily accessed via the web-browser on the device. Get more details and find the best games in our guide to Android slots.

Iphone Slots

Android’s closest competitor is iOS which is the operating system behind Apple iPhones and iPads. Apples long-standing policy that their devices were not to be used for real-time gambling stunted the growth of the iPhone slot market; and as Apple doesn’t yet support Flash player, web-browser games had previously not been available. Things have changed over recent years and the development of HTML5 based games means that Apple users can now access slots via the web-browser. Most casinos have released or are working on HTML5 platforms, and many have also developed apps for iOS which can be downloaded directly from the casino website.

Ipad Slots

The same principles apply to the iPad which runs on the same iOS operating system, but despite Apple’s reluctance when it comes to online gambling, the device is just about perfect for online slots. The larger game screen enhances gameplay considerably compared to a smaller mobile phone screen, but the iPad also retains the touch element which makes slots more interactive than when you play on a PC. Although at the moment there are less casinos and slots games compatible with iOS than there are with other operating systems, the industry changes very quickly and there are new platforms and games being released every day.

Windows Slots

Windows smartphones were late to the party and much of the market had already been swallowed up by Apple and Android, but with Microsoft behind the Windows OS, they are experiencing steady growth. While there may not be as many casino apps and slot games for Windows devices as there are for the big two, developers are keen to access this market and more compatible apps are popping up on a regular basis. The other key advantage to Windows phones is that they support Flash-based games, so the instant play slot games that so many casinos are releasing can be accessed immediately. We’ve got full details of slots and casinos for Windows devices in our handy guide.

Blackberry Slots

It was once the ‘must-have’ smartphone, but Blackberry suffered a huge crash when touchscreen technology left their devices behind. They have made waves recently by releasing a new range of smartphones and tablets, which support apps on their own OS. In a similar vein to Windows, there are still not enough apps available for the Blackberry platform, although casinos are beginning to develop them to gain a share of the Blackberry market. The other thing in common with Windows devices is that Blackberry’s also support Flash player, and as such, all of the instant play, web-based slot games are easily accessible. Get the best Blackberry online slots in our detailed guide to the devices and compatible casinos.

Kindle Slots

Kindle Fire slots are another new growth area, with the latest operating system providing full colour HD graphics, media-streaming, web-browsing and gaming. This is a very new entry to the tablet market, and as such, there are not as many apps available as there are for other devices. However, casinos have been quick to develop them for the Fire OS, and with Amazon already having a huge customer base, there is every reason for casinos to gain access to this market as soon as possible. We expect to see many more casino apps for Kindle in the near future, but for now we have a dedicated section on the device, along with the best Kindle games out there.