Neogames Online Slots

As far as most governments are concerned, their biggest need in the iGaming industry is often in the realm of online lottery systems. Lotteries have long been a major source of revenue for many nations, and in recent years, online ticket sales and other Internet operations have helped grow this segment of the industry. Many companies that have a hand in online casino software are just as involved – if not more so – in these programs.

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One such firm is NeoGames. Founded in 2005, the company was created in order to bring more casual gamblers who tended to play fun games for small amounts of money online into the lottery market, which also seemed like a good fit for their tastes. In that vein, they produced hundreds of games, most of which were designed to appeal to this mass market audience. They are best known for their interactive scratch card games, which attempt to be a bit more engaging for players than the typical instant win titles produced by other developers.

Today, the company works with at least 10 worldwide lotteries, mainly in Europe but also in the United States and other jurisdictions. Their library of games has also been utilized by more than a dozen online casino sites, allowing their games to be played a variety of different markets around the world, either through regulated lotteries or popular gambling sites.

A Lotto Focus, But Still Plenty of Slots

As our introduction to the company may have suggested to you, NeoGames isn’t really focused on creating what we’d consider traditional casino products for the Internet marketplace. Instead, many of their creations are designed to be targeted at players who aren’t into table games, video poker, or even slot machines.

These can come in a variety of different formats. Most famously, NeoGames has created a great number of scratch cards, many of which are as detailed and interesting as many Internet slot machines. They have created tickets that are branded with major properties like Monopoly, for instance, and offer games at many different price points that are targeted towards a wide range of potential customers.

Similar to these are their “instant win” games. Yes, scratch offs are also considered a game of this type, but in this case, the company means that this is where you’ll find games that have that same fast result, win or lose action without the traditional scratch-and-win format. This allows for a broader set of options for clients, who can choose these innovative games that give their players a different look while still conforming to any rules and regulations that govern lottery products.

Speaking of lotteries, it’s hardly surprising that this provider is able to create some of their own drawings on the fly. They’ve been known to create online games that mimic traditional lottery drawings in order to give players similar options on the Internet, as well as a number of keno and other quick draw variants that are centrally connected and offer new and exciting side bets for bettors.

This all means that for their lotto clients, the slots created by NeoGames are something of an afterthought: a nice addition to the core experience they want to provide their customers. For our readers, on the other hand, this is the key area – the one part of their library that is really designed with the typical resort-style gambler in mind.

You might expect a company like this to produce a slot machine collection that is mediocre at best, and an afterthought at worst. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that a number of their games were creative, attractive, and downright fun to play.

One great example is Astrodice, a slot that combines the thrills of deep space exploration with those of the craps table. Players are tasked with matching dice that contain a mix of numbers and bizarre alien symbols, all of which award either prizes or the chance to play some exciting bonus games, such as a lucrative free spins game. With five reels and 20 paylines of action, this is a game that boasts both a slick look and great gameplay.

Adventure Jack is another fun slots option that runs on the five-reel, 20 payline format, this time with a jungle adventurer theme that feels just a bit like Indiana Jones (we imagine that isn’t a coincidence). Along with some of the boring poker rank symbols, you’ll also see plenty of maps, relics, and treasures on the reels, helping to flesh out this classic theme. There’s even a special treasure hunting bonus round that will see you racking up multipliers in a quest to uncover as many riches as possible.

These are just a couple of the many machines that are offered by NeoGames as a part of their software package. While none of their titles are must-plays, quite a few are fun and interesting, making them worth checking out if you come across them. Here’s a look at a few more games you might want to take a look at:

  • Café Paris
  • Mighty Sphinx
  • Monte Carlo
  • Pirate’s Paradise
  • Reel Bandits
  • Spin the Gold

Partners Include World Famous Names

Many software providers boast big name brands that have partnered with them, showing that they are trusted by the industry’s biggest players. But NeoGames takes that a step further, as they have partnered with some of the oldest and most famous state gambling organizations in the world.

For a rather extreme example, take Portugal’s Santa Casa. This charity organization was founded way back in the year 1498 in order to provide humanitarian aid to the elderly and children. Since then, they’ve been chosen by the Portuguese government to run lotteries and sports betting in the nation.

Of course, that’s just one example of many. The group also works with the Michigan and Virginia Lotteries in the United States, SISAL in Italy, and MSL in Ukraine. Being trusted by governments throughout the world is a great way to show players and potential clients alike that you are a developer that should be taken seriously.

How does this transfer over to the casino side of the industry? The studio has also produced a powerful software platform known as NeoSphere, which can not only support a variety of games but also provides a complete backend management system. The platform also allows for the integration of games from other software creators in order to flesh out a more complete casino experience. You’ll often see gambling sites that feature this software alongside games by NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and other major providers.

A Casual Player’s Perfect Provider

NeoGames isn’t the right answer for a serious gambler who is looking for a software developer that will bring them a suite of games they’ll love. But that’s not a problem: after all, if every company targeted the same players, the iGaming market would be pretty boring.

Instead, this platform is designed with the casual, mass market gamer in mind. There are generally two types of players that are attracted to these titles: either those who enjoy lottery products but are willing to give slots a try, or those who have experience at online casinos but are most comfortable playing for low stakes on games that don’t take a whole lot of thought.

What’s great about this collection is that it offers up a bit of both: the simpler side of casino gambling along with plenty of interesting and fun versions of lotto and instant win games. If that’s the kind of low-stress, fast fun you enjoy, then the NeoGames platform is likely to keep you happy and busy with countless hours of fun.