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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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In 2016, NetEnt rocked the online casino world when it released the first instalment in the ‘NetEnt Rocks’ trilogy. Guns N Roses definitely set the bar for slot games that comes with a music-focused license as a theme.

With enticing video sequences, stellar player interaction and amazing music selection, it’s our expectation that the latest entry will follow a similar format. Five reels, 3 rows, and bonuses and gameplay that doesn’t fail to spark, Jimi Hendrix is certainly an online slots release from NetEnt that is creating plenty of buzz.

As major rock fans will attest, it’s thrilling to see Jimi Hendrix being featured in the innovative ‘NetEnt Rocks’ game series. It’s crazy enough that the last game in the series had been based on the group Motorhead, so this is one step further into fan paradise.

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Stepping into the ‘Red House’

The great Jimi Hendrix certainly needs no introduction, so we’ll jump straight into the game’s expected theme. Much like the Guns N Roses release that preceded it, Jimi Hendrix allows its players to select from a list of 5 tracks as a playing accompaniment, this feature really is something special.

With so many online slot games playing fast and loose with official material, to see a game actually used officially licensed tracks is nothing short of amazing.

All Along the Watchtower

Like other ‘NetEnt Rocks’ titles, live concert footage also proved extremely enriching to the entire game experience, so to see it here is a big plus.

Certainly, though, one difference between Jimi Hendrix and other games is the series is the symbols used. Jimi Hendrix is mainly known for his work as a solo artist, it is definitely worthwhile to see how NetEnt makes this work with the icon design in this game.

Design wise, there really is no denying the lavish nature of Jimi Hendrix, as the production values here are nothing short of impressive. Addressing the symbols specifically, you’ll see that they have all been crafted and animated with the utmost care.

For starters, the likeness of the Jimi Hendrix symbol is phenomenal, with plenty of familiar iconography working to make up the rest of what you’ll see. Out hats are off to NetEnt, as this is one of the best-looking games they’ve ever created.

On a Little Wing and Prayer

Bonus wise Jimi Hendrix is a game that really does rock out. First up you have the red-guitar re-spin feature, which when unlocked gives players 3 re-spins to work with, but that’s by no means all.

What would a NetEnt game be without free spins; so as expected Jimi Hendrix certainly has them, with three different types available in the form of Crosstown Traffic, Little Wing, and Purple Haze.

Giving this game even more power, NetEnt have devised two additional bonus games. Purple Haze is a mini-game that works to put the game’s biggest prizes within reach. On top of that, you’ll also find that Jimi Hendrix includes a classic point and click game that gives players a touch of something a little more traditional. What features under the hood of this game has the ability to deliver an incredibly impressive amount of replay value.

Rounding off the admirable gameplay in Jimi Hendrix are two symbols that practically all-online slots fans will already be familiar with. Both wilds and scatters are part of the Jimi Hendrix experience and bring that little extra oomph to the title. With both of these in play you are able to rack up some seriously impressive payouts.

Playing All the Right Notes

Don’t worry, to play Jimi Hendrix you aren’t going to need any tricky guitar moves, as this game allows you to live like a rock god with minimal effort. Every aspect of the game can be tweaked using the control panel at the bottom of the page, with that being pretty much all you need to know.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Comes to Life!

There’s no sense in denying it, as we were our toes waiting for this new release from NetEnt, with it certainly not disappointing on arrival. The standards set by the Guns N Rose instalment in the ‘NetEnt Rocks’ set the bar, with Jimi Hendrix matching it every step of the way. Giving every player a taste of “Purple Haze”, this NetEnt game has certainly done the legendary rock god justice.