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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Netent has a few different classic slot machines, but Mega Joker is one of its more well-known and popular offerings in this category. Not just because of how nicely it is designed and played, but also because it includes one or two special features AND a progressive jackpot as well. Speaking of classic slots in general, there are plenty of them out there which tend to lack in decent enough graphics, or instead tend to fade away when it comes to the game play features. However, with Mega Joker, you’re able to have a great time spinning its reels – of which there are two sets – as well as seeing all the flashing lights and graphics, something which is akin to what you’d find on a physical machine. There isn’t really any kind of soundtrack included in the product. The only noise comes from the mechanical spinning of the reels and the subsequent jingle that plays if a win is formed, but it all comes together to form a decent enough game.

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The Joker on the Reels 

Because this game is one of the more classic products from Netent, it is played on a three reel and three row layout. This is pretty much the standard for titles in this category. Upon these reels, the developer has added various traditional icons, including those of cherries, watermelons, bells, lemons, treasure chests and, of course, icons of the joker himself. Should you move to the top set of reels, known as ‘Supermeter Mode’, you’ll also see the reels gain three more symbols in the form of 7s, grapes and oranges. And while each of these symbols haven’t been so graphically well produced as what can be found in the other video slots from this provider, they’re still very visually pleasing. It’s also very easy to see what the pay out for each of the symbol match ups is, as they’re displayed down each side of the reels in clear view.

Alongside its reels and rows, Netent have also included a total of five different pay lines on both the standard reel set and the ‘Supermeter Mode’ reel set. These lines cannot be customised as they’re fixed in place, but players do have the opportunity to be able to change around the amount they’re wagering with the ‘Bet’ button and the two coins in the bottom right hand corner. These are changeable between $0.10 and $0.20, while the bet button will alter the amount of coins wagered, which has two options of one and 10 coins per line. This, therefore, offers up a maximum overall wager of $2 per spin.

Let’s Play with Some Specialities 

There are two main specialities in this game, which are the aforementioned ‘Supermeter Mode’ and the progressive jackpot. The latter of these can be seen at the bottom of the reels, included in the button control panel. This will increase with every bet placed by every player playing the game. Actually, 3% of every bet placed is contributed to this jackpot amount. This amount of money is only able to be won when playing in the game’s super meter mode, which we’ll move on to now.

To enter the game’s ‘Supermeter Mode’, you’ll need to be playing at the maximum bet level of $2 per pay line. Every time you form a winning combination on the reels, you’ll have the option of entering the round. The win itself must feature less than 2000 coins in the base game to be able to trigger this bonus round. If your win meets the criteria, you’ll see the funds transfer to a balance above the top set of reels. Here, you can choose to gamble 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins in the round. Or, if you’d prefer not to gamble it at all, you can opt for the ‘Collect’ button, which will transfer it directly into your winnings balance. As mentioned, this mode features more symbols, so you theoretically have a stronger chance of forming a win.

The jokers also play a crucial part in this round, with the following outcomes occurring:

  • At a bet of 200 coins, one or more of the jokers on one or more of the reels gives a mystery win between 100 and 2000 coins per joker
  • At a bet of 100 coins, a joker on the middle reel gives a mystery win between 100 and 2000 coins
  • At a bet of 40, 100 and 200 coins, three jokers on a bet line give a mystery win of 2000 coins
  • At a bet of 20 coins, three jokers on a bet line give a mystery win of 1000 coins

The progressive jackpot can only be randomly won during this round.

Is it Really Mega?

This game is one of Netent’s better classic slot products, and it includes enough flashing graphics, intriguing game play and special features to keep you well entertained throughout the day.