Pirate’s Gold Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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It’s no secret to many people that the pirate theme is done almost as much as the ancient Egypt theme when it comes to online video slots. Some do it well, and others barely even broach the topic, despite naming their game relative to such. As far as Netent’s ‘Pirate’s Gold’ product goes, it lingers somewhere in the middle, oddly enough. It’s one of their older products, and as such, isn’t in circulation as much as it once was. However, one thing you can always count on this developer for is being able to provide relevant and well-designed imagery. And while graphically it’s not as pleasing as many of the other options of offer from them, it’s still all very well tied in to the theme. It’s been given the traditional slot machine treatment though, incorporating the visuals of an actual machine, rather than just the reels. However, if you’re ready to sail the high seas and go swashbucklin’ with the pirates of this game, then jump right on board and find the nearest bit of land to go treasure hunting!

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Reels of Fortune and Glory!

The game, although on a traditional Netent interface rather than the more modern layouts, features five reels and three rows. This provides a bit more of a familiar screen for gamers to spin the reels of, and upon these reels you’ll find a selection of icons relating to the pirate theme. So, you’ll get to spin your way through flags featuring the skull and crossbones motif, cannons, shiny cutlasses, treasure chests, conch shells, bejewelled rings, parrots and several others. You’ll also find one or two symbols featuring the ship’s crew members, and everything in the game is tied together a wonderful piece of music which screams “high seas” to you.

The developer has also included a total of nine different pay lines alongside its reels and rows for you to wager on, although you do have the option of customising these to suit your own personal preferences. This is done by using the ‘Single Line’ and ‘All Lines’ buttons at the bottom of the reels. The first of these will increase the amount of pay lines up by one, while the second will instantly activate the nine lines. Gamers also have the chance to alter their bet per spin around as well, although this is only done by changing the amount of coins wagered on each line. The coin value is set at $0.10, so if you have all nine lines active and you max out the coin amount per line, your maximum overall wager possibility stands at $9.00 per round.

Some Shiny Treasure Specials?

It’s probably safe to say that while not really being a speciality, this game does not feature any scatter or wild icons on its reels. These are almost a given on just about all other video slots, especially from this provider, so the absence of them in Pirate’s Gold is very clear to see. This may seem to make the game lose some of its appeal, but what it lacks in speciality symbols, it makes up for in bonus rounds and multipliers. For example, the maximum jackpot is worth $10,000, and this amount is paid when five treasure chest icons appear on any active pay line.

There are two bonus rounds included in the game, and these rounds begin when you spin at least three of the pirate symbols in succession onto an active pay line. This triggers the first bonus round. Here, all you’ll be required to do is sink an enemy ship, and you’ll receive increased winnings from doing so. To do it, you’ll be given a selection of three buttons, which provide you with the ability to move your cannon. Then, you simply need to press the skull button when you’ve got your sights set on a target, in order to fire . The enemy ships will be passing by on the sea, so you need to move your cannon to align with one as it sails by, and this round presents you with the possibility of gaining up to 100 times your wager placed.

If during this bonus round, you hit a ship which has a golden key included in it, you’ll trigger the second bonus round, providing you with another chance to further increase your winnings. Three buttons are again made available to you, and your goal here is to help the parrot of the ship unlock one of five treasure chests. Can you find the one with the biggest amount of treasure inside? Just click the arrow to move to the treasure chest you’d like and then click the key button to unlock it.

Set Sail for the Home Land

Pirate’s Gold may not feature the graphics, flair and pizazz of many of the other Netent products on offer today, but what it does provide is a thematically great game with two bonus rounds and a particularly intriguing overall layout.