No Download Casinos

No-download casinos are online gambling sites that allow real-money action without installing a client. Rather than download hefty software to your desktop, no-download casinos allow you to play slots and table games through your web browser. All that’s needed is a simple username and password, a good internet connection, and a current browser.

Most casinos these days allow for no-download – or ‘instant play’ – gambling as it affords players much more flexibility. It’s also a great way to gamble on your smartphone or tablet anywhere you are.

How Do No-Download Casinos Work?

No-download casinos work by loading up individual games in your browser. Gamblers visit the casino homepage in order to log in (you’ll need a username and password when you register). Once you’re in, you can find your favourite games and load each one up in a separate browser window. These differ from traditional download clients where a whole suite of games is installed to a player’s machine. (Although games are still accessed using the internet.)

A lot of instant-play games are programmed in HTML5 or Java. These languages are great for slots and roulette as they offer slick graphics and animation but transfer well across different systems. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have an Apple desktop, a Packard Bell PC or a LINUX machine, a no-download game should work.

Understanding Instant-Play System Requirements

Because no-download casinos rely on an internet connection, it’s important to have a decent browser running on your machine. In fact, try installing two or three. If you use Internet Explorer for web surfing, have Google Chrome as back-up in case the casino games don’t work. Firefox has a terrible time of handling a lot of Flash games. In fact, the browser barely supports Flash-powered games. If you run Firefox for your surfing, it’s worth considering an alternative.

Always check the casino’s download FAQs. They will usually advise on the best browser to install. Some sites may advise having the latest version of Chrome, IE or Safari (if you’re on a Mac). Having an old version may lead to problems. Most casinos have a safeguard if you drop your internet connection mid-game. Typically your game will pause until you reconnect so you don’t lose any bets. However, it’s always good to have a solid LAN or WiFi connection at home if you’re playing no-download video slots.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Instant-Play

No-download games are great if you don’t want to clog your PC up with software and annoying download clients. Just bookmark your favourite casino homepages and log in when you want to play. And for mobile players on the go, instant-play slots sites let you try games in your phone browser one at a time. Some casinos for mobile will ONLY run on no-download platforms. It’s worth noting that the instant-play casino sites may not be as interactive as a full download client. You may also not find a whole suite of games available. While developers are hurrying converting their classic and new titles for PC/Mac and no-download, it’s typical to find a lot of games missing from an instant-play website.

What’s good for casual slots players is that you can load up a no-download game in your browser and try it out for free. Give the Flash or HTML5 game a go with practice money, then hit the Cashier button to deposit some real cash.

Getting The Best Bonuses When You Play

Instant-play slots are great for gamblers in 2016. They are designed to work on all devices and there is no need to install a full client before you play. It saves on data usage and hard drive space, and when you’re on a tight mobile contract that can be important. The best thing about no-download casinos is that it’s super-easy to make a deposit and cash out. Simply log in via the secure website and visit the Cashier to make a transaction. With a few clicks you can cash out your video slots winnings and move onto the next big bonus.

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